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The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

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  1. kdphan
    I switch off between silver/gold and silver/copper on both trio and u18t. Not too much difference for me. I just like neck bling :ok_hand:
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  2. aaf evo
    For me the PW Audio 1950s is made for the A18t, tweak the apex module as needed. Absolutely superb.
  3. toaster22
    +1 on 1950 with A18

    To be fair, i haven't tried many other cables, but after hearing the 1950 i didn't need to hear anything else. At the moment, the A18 + 1950 is my high water mark for portable audio...don't need or want anything else.

    That said, looking forward to spending some time with the Elysium soon...
  4. zachawry
    My A18ts fit so well. They have my ear form data, I wonder if 64 would be willing to reshell IEMs from a different manufacturer. Since I own both Noirs and 18ts, I think I quality as a good customer now. :wink:
  5. mvvRAZ
    Not a chance hahah
  6. xenithon
    Just a shout out to @64Audio for the assistance over the past couple of weeks. Had placed an order for a custom IEM, but had issues with getting proper impressions (not readily available where I live, no 3D scanning here, and issues with very long ear canals) and they were very accommodating in terms of both switching to a universal order and with a slightly complex shipping arrangement in order to get it to me. They were also very responsive to email - often with multiple exchanges a day. A special word of thanks to Ricky!
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  7. mvvRAZ
    +1 they've been really helpful with my A18t reshell and Fourte Noir repair
  8. productred
    It only sounded kinda warm with the original cable, it doesn't sound warm at all with any of my CCDD (current pairing), Dream Duet, Brise Asuha which I have tried pairing with the Noir.
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  9. mvvRAZ
    Honestly I hated the Noir with the stock cable. Sounded congested, narrow and overly warm
  10. productred
    Well it is marketed as an upgraded stock cable from the original, but out of my WM1 siblings it sounds more like an error than an upgrade. I'm not sure if other sources would yield different results. Once I swap to whatever cable I have in my arsenal (mostly the clear and not-so-coloured type)(even similarly composited SPC cables) the sound open up and the balance becomes right.
  11. mvvRAZ
    Yup same experience, cable feels like a proper mistake - tried it with my AK SR15 and SP1000M
  12. ayang02
    Dream Duet is the best pure silver cable I’ve tried thus far. I seem to recall the folks at Crystal Cable bringing home a Noir to pair with their Dream Duet :)
  13. toaster22
    listening to the legend x (from the headfi tour) now.

    the legend x are absolutely amazing iems, some of the best i've heard and probably my second favorite iems i've ever listened to overall...Empire Ears really nails vocal with their tuning on these.

    I would say if you put DD bass or full sounding vocals (or both) at the top of your wishlist for sound sig, the LX should be at the very top of you IEM list.

    all that said...there is just alot about the A18 that i am missing.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
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  14. Voodoo Child
    Sorry guys, needs help here.

    I recently realized that one of my M15 Apex Module is making a weird noise every time I move my head while using the earphone. Its like something is chipped inside the Module and the fragment is moving around. Is this a common problem? Is it possible to fix the module myself (by opening the grille and get the fragment out) or should I sent it to repair? Thank you in advance.

    Ps. Sorry for my broken english.
  15. Vitaly2017
    Hey folks I would like some highlights and recommendations on how would tia trio sound.

    I had tia forte before for quiet sometime and eventually sold it because the treble wasnt to my like and was way to siblant and lack in mids ( was to far back )...
    I mostly listen to edm trans house ambient and all kind of stuff in that allay....

    Now I own ier-z1r and wm1z. While its all amazing I still find treble to high again to my liking and mids feels much better vs tia forte to my liking...

    So the big question,
    How is tia trio vs forte and ier-z1r?

    Is it to bright? ( i would prefer less treble then forte and z1r )

    Is the mids not right? ( more mid forward is something I like more )

    How is the bass? ( I absolutely loved forte bass I still crave for it , z1r bass is also good but its different )

    Please need your feedbacks so I can make my decision Thanks for the help!
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