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The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

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  1. RipVanWinkle1989
    Anybody wants to let go of their U12T in EU? PM me please.
  2. robthemac
    I'm considering getting an A12t while they are on sale, but not keen to drop that kind of cash blind. Unfortunately I live in part of the world without a 64 Audio dealer. Is there anyone in NZ (or Melbourne, where I travel quite frequently) who has a U12t or A12t that I could briefly try out? I want to know that it's an upgrade from my U10 before I spend a bunch of money.

  3. xenithon
    I previously owned a U4SE, then a U10, and now a U12t. Whereas 4–>10 was a jump up, the 10–>12t was a significant leap into an entirely different league.

    Up until the U12t I had considered mobile a second tier option, compromising quality for convenience. Now, however, it is easily at desktop quality and has certain capabilities that even a top-tier desktop system cannot match.

    I have just placed an order for an A12t as the extra step up given the benefits often discussed relating to the improvements in the custom version.

    I also live in a country devoid of dealers for 64 Audio (and 99% of other decent headphone gear) so the majority of purchases are blind, based on reviews, research and chats on the forums. The U12t has likely “hit the spot” more than any other such blind purchase.
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  4. CrocodileDundee
    I have the A12t and I'm in Melbourne. But I don't think it will fit your ears for a trial. I really like it for general use, but I like the DD low end of my EE LX more, depends on the mood. there's a guy downunder selling U12t for a reasonable price (suggest make an offer as this is live so sometime now)

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  5. ceeloChamp
    Yeah I think that the A12t is a pretty significant jump from the U10, some people actually prefer the a/U12t to the 18t, which should tell you the company it keeps...its definitely a top-tier IEM
  6. CrocodileDundee
    Hey Mate, I can see you have the Khan's and the A12t, how do you compare them? I got the Valkyrie these days and that sparkly highs of the EE with the DD low end is kind of a really nice match, but I feel is missing something (details and separation), 3 drivers in this case feels like a sample of what can be done with more.
  7. ceeloChamp
    Hey man,

    I also have the Valkyrie, very cool IEM, but you are right it feels like they have a pretty recessed mids. I find myself turning them up to hear more details and when I get to the point where I think things should be clear the bass is too overwhelming. I did own the LX a while ago, and I though I remember them as having more mid-range/details, but worse highs? You have them, right? I don’t think the LX bass is that much bigger though, but not sure.

    The a12t are a great all-rounder, they have awesome clarity, great bass, and decent heights. The SQ of the 12ts plays it a bit safe, but they are the kind of headphones you can listen to all day. Non-fatiguing, and lush...but yeah I think they are a bit boring.

    The Khan have great clarity, but their mids are a bit thin and the highs are a bit dry. They are a super clear, dry sounding headphone. Very very good, dry headphone, with lots of details. The highs just don’t sparkle though.
  8. zachawry
    56F73DAA-1841-47BB-B9E8-94752F26721D.jpeg Got my A18ts in. First impressions:

    Fit: Amazing

    Finish/build quality: Amazing

    Service: Disappointing. They were more than rapid when responding to allow me to pay for rush ordering (which I couldn’t in original order since it was through a Japanese dealer), but then when it was taking longer than it seemed like it should have, couldn’t get a response no matter how many emails I sent. In the end it was probably just slow mail/customs, but getting a response to multiple emails on a multi-thousand dollar custom order shouldn’t be an ordeal.

    Sound isolation: Not as good as my other customs from Jomo, for some reason, even with the black Apex module. Maybe this will improve with time?

    All-important sound: AMAZING!

    I’ll probably write more after I’ve had more time with them.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019
  9. toaster22
    ^ aw, cmon dude...you’re gonna have to do better than that.

    let’s hear what you really think!

    congrafs on the A18s...they are truly world class transducers.
  10. zachawry
    Haha, I need to spend some serious time listening to them. Unfortunately it’s a 3-day weekend here in Japan, and my family is at home, so I can’t really do that right now.

    Dang beloved family interfering with audiophile time! :beyersmile:
  11. toaster22
    Well, that’s a good reason.

    Looking forward to hearing further impressions once you’ve had more time to listen.
  12. zachawry
    Out of curiosity, is there a consensus on burn-in for IEMs? Necessary or not a thing?

    edit: never mind. Went back and searched this thread. Can’t figure out how to delete this post on mobile.

    Have been listening to the A18ts for a few hours now...They’re a tricky beast. The best description I can come up with is that they are an “environmental” IEM. By that I mean that they paint a huge sonic painting that is truly immersive. There is an impressive level of detail, but nothing necessarily stands out per se.

    Even voices are not really “forward” like in most IEMs—instead they are painted as an integral part of the environment. Whether this is good or bad depends on the recording, and what you want from it.

    What is impressive to me is that the environment/holographic soundstage manages to sound cohesive. All the parts are there but they serve the whole rather than standing out on their own. This is in general a good thing, but some recordings can sound too diffuse or bland. This is definitely not a “fun” IEM, and it makes demands of the recording, but when those demands are met it’s sublime.

    It’s a pity the Noirs aren’t available as a custom. I feel like they perfectly complement the 18s. The Noirs are a little more forward, a little more lush and fun, while the 18s are neutral, expansive, environmental. And now that I’ve experienced customs (and the fit on the 18s is sooo comfy), it’s hard to be satisfied with universals.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019
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  13. zachawry
    I’m curious... For those with the 18t, which do you spend more time with, the m15 or the m20 Apex module?

    On the one hand I appreciate the ability to modify the sound, but for me it leads to constant wondering, “Which would suit this album better..” which is kind of annoying. :)
  14. mrgray
    in my opinion there is not much competition. u18t with m20 sounds a bit odd. i would say it does not suit the u18t to be bass heavy. the m15 is a very good match. so i do not find myself concerned in that regard.
  15. kdphan
    Anyone else own both the Tia Trio and U18t?

    For me, they compliment each other well.

    If one were to have only one of these (tia trio or u18t), which IEM would it be?
    Which would be a middle ground or combination of these 2?
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