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The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

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  1. MarkF786
    It's surprising how several reviewers prefer the U12T to the U18T. Crinacle is the one obvious reviewer with that preference, but when googling "U12T vs U18T" I found others making the same statement. The response graphs between the two IEMs don't look wildly different, though apparently the U18T are harder to drive?

    And similarly, Crinacle and some others seem to prefer the Trio to the Fourte. Though I'm tempted to buy the "best", figuring I'd second guess later, but "more" (in terms of price and drivers) isn't necessarily better.

    I don't have a strong preference between dynamic or BA bass drivers; I've heard both done well.
  2. twister6 Contributor
    Not sure where you got that U18t are harder to drive? Those are 9 ohm IEMs with 111dBm sensitivity. Regarding someone's preference, well, it's just a preference. Some people make a decision purely based on the sound, others add price into equation and can't justify the difference or accept diminishing returns. But for sure, the more expensive doesn't make it better. I know quite a few people who bought Fourte to be disappointed later because it wasn't their sound signature of preference (and they only judged it based on the price or the graphs). Either way, use your own ears with your own source and your music of preference when making the decision; reviews and graphs are just data points when you are doing your homework to narrow down the selection.

    Btw, I have access to a lot of high end iems, but 2.5 year later (after reviewing it) still use U18t in every single of my reviews as a reference IEM. But that's just my sound preference, and i do use it with Leo II octa cable.
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  3. toaster22
    18t are not at all hard to drive. They’re actually very easy to drive.

    They are designed to be ultimately tunable, as they are designed with audiophiles in mind, who want to fine tune every last bit of the sound. This is vs. the iems with lid tech (like the 12t,) that are designed to keep things more even, regardless of the components you change in your audio chain.

    I highly prefer balanced armature bass to dynamic drivers, which almost always sound boomy and unrefined to me, even when done “well.”

    The 18t are absolutely world-class audio components, and provide some of the best sound I’ve ever heard from any headphone or speaker setup.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
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  4. Markus Tappeser
    Hi all, just found this thread and I can confirm that the EA cables going very stiff.
    I bought my Leonidas in June 2017 and there, at least for me, unusable anymore.
    And last year I had a loose contact at one of the connectors. Overall I'm disappointed about the build quality and materials they use.
    No doubt, the sound is great, I always enjoy listening music with them, but it's not worth the cost.
    So I'm done with them

  5. hung031086
    I like the new vogue series, its more comfortable and portable.

  6. CrocodileDundee
    Yeah, I'm extra cautious now as all my cables coincidental became EA cables (Bought EE IEMS and other deals). But what impresses me is the company knowing that the material is UV sensible and still use it for "Portable" products and even defend it officially saying "avoid direct sunlight" directly on their discussion thread. Kinda conflicting comment for an IEM cable. So I will never buy a 1k cable with PVC outer layer knowing that.
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  7. CrocodileDundee
    I wonder if 64a will join the Estat train. I have an A12t and the EE Valkyrie and after listening to the EE for some time I feel the A12t is missing a bit of the energy of the highs.
  8. mvvRAZ
    Do you know of any cable brand who’s cables don’t go stiff after 2-3 years of daily-ish use?

    I own a few sub-500 cables from brands like Labkable, lavricables, Forza Audioworks and ALO and they’ve gone stiff in under 6 months.

    On the topic of 18t vs 12t, I personally love the 18, but am not a huge fan of the 12. The 12 has more prevalent bass, but the midrange feels a bit thin for my liking (at least compared to the 18 or the Elysium)
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  9. robthemac
    Fixed this for ya, bruh,
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  10. mvvRAZ
    F2B39386-FA33-4B16-B54A-765B86F0BC4D.jpeg CCEAF6C1-90E0-48C3-9854-3532239D9972.jpeg

    Lavricables and Labkable
  11. CrocodileDundee
    That can be an option but we still have 1950 and 1960 that uses braided outer layer. So still has hope in this world. :)

    About the 18t, now I'm a bit jealous of not having ordered this one when I did for the 12t. even liking my A12t I think the 18t would be a better option for me.
  12. CrocodileDundee
    Are they stiff or just not flexible? For example, 64a cables stays like that if hanging. Just for my understanding as I never had Labkable and Lavricables before.

    curiosity question: do they have PVC? :)
  13. mvvRAZ
    They’ve become stiff after minimal use, I didn’t get them like that. Labkable has their own shielding, the others use PVC or similar.

    The braided sleeving comes with a set of issues of its own - the main one that I have a problem with is that it’s a material that collects a lot of oil and dirt and stains and there’s no real way to clean it - a bit like wearing a 2.5 year old sweater that’s only been wiped down a few times. I own two plussound poetic series cables and that’s my experience at least

    The cable is generally speaking the component that receives the most punishment in the whole chain is able to receive the least maintenance and servicing. The only solution I can see is if these companies offer a change of cable shielding against a certain fee
  14. yfei
    How will you compare TOTL IEMs with good speaker system? and the best over-the-ear headphones?
  15. mvvRAZ
    The way I see it, they differ in how realistic of a performance they can deliver.

    Speakers generally deliver the highest level of realism. Listening to a live performance on them can make you feel like you're there in the crowd and the artist is performing in front of you
    Headphones attempt to approximate that, and the majority of the models are designed to be on-the-head speakers.
    IEMs, IMHO, are all about intensity and exaggeration. You'd never hear this level of instrumental separation in real life, or on a pair of speakers, or on a pair of headphones. The detail retrieval is also surreal and impossible to be delivered to you live. Left and right channels are also completely separate and don't mix whatsoever (as opposed to a pair of speakers) where by the time the sound reaches you, it's already been mixed somewhat

    Which ones are best? Highly depends on your preferences. I personally don't want my music to sound like it is performed in front of me live, I want exaggeration and detail, and technicality. It's simply what excites me

    There are headphones out there that approximate IEMs, and IEMs that approximate headphones. It's all very different though
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