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The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

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  1. zachawry
    No, my headphone amp/pre-amp handles everything just fine. And the signal that comes from this monster puts everything else to shame:

  2. Giullian
    Tried mine with my home theater reciver and......... better not try. :D
  3. Spie1904
    How good of an all rounder is the A12T and what are the things I can expect an improvement on coming from a Westone um pro 30 V2 (custom version)?
    How does it compare to the Andromeda?
    Would be listening out of sp1000m and sometimes with a smartphone.
  4. Giullian
    I really love my A12T and it is a really good all rounder as you're looking for. I also like the Legend X for R&B and hiphop. but definitely the AA12t is an amazing option for everyday use.

    Andromeda S is really bright and miss low end compared to A12t, as soon as I got the A12t I sold my Andromeda next week.

    I did a quick comparison on Z1r thread of those IEMS, if you're curious. (i'm not a reviewer, so don't stress too much with the wording. :) )

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  5. kenjamin0523
    Any dealer of 64 audio in US here. Pls PM me, I wanna buy ST :)
  6. Roasty
    I just collected my A12T!
    Very excited. My first custom iems!

    How long do they take to burn in?

    The U12T sounded great to me. The A12T have stronger bass but at the same time, the highs seem a bit less clear and airy than the U12T. Will this improve?

    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
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  7. Recursion
    Try swapping the M20 module for the M15, that will result in a slightly weaker bass and more clear and airy highs. At least that is how the A18T responds to the change.
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  8. Spie1904
    I'm actually curious to hear which kinds of music you listen to and if you could compare it to any other IEM's you might have heard? I'm deciding on ordering a pair myself :)
  9. Roasty
    I listen to most types of music, except classical, raggae, rap, instrumental jazz. I lean towards dance, bass heavy music, electronic, pop and rock.

    I've not had many iems. Previously had etymotic ER4S and ER4XR, and currently still have a pair of Shure 846. I've had the 846 for a few years now.

    The U12T and A12T are a whole lot better than whatever I've used before... All across the board, they beat the Shure 846 without question. Highs are much better controlled, very nice tonality with a much better presentation of the overall sound, and the bass/mid bass is just crazy good.

    I chose the A12T over the u18t, fourte, anole vx because the overall sound just suited me better than the rest.
  10. Spie1904
    Hehe I don't doubt the A12T are absolutely brilliant for dance music. I was particularly interested in the jazz and classical part :)
    Especially compared to the etymotic for example.

    Obviously, thank you for the info and enjoy your new IEM's! :)
  11. eternairest
    So jealous ):
    My A12Ts are scheduled to finish production today. Hope I can get them soon.
  12. Roasty
    I'm sure they'll be worth the wait! I ordered mine end of July. So it took quite a while..
  13. nornicle
    Mine were ordered two weeks ago production started last week hoping I see them in mid October :)
  14. eternairest
    I ordered mine beginning of June ):
    It was delayed because my first set of impressions did not fully cover the 2nd bend and they only informed me 2 weeks into production.
  15. kenjamin0523
    Anyone willing to sell tia fourte noir or any dealers have good deal pls pm me. Thanks
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