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The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

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  1. Kalani1964
    Hi Rayzilla!

    I will reach out to you via PM. Lets see what we can find out about your order.

    64 Audio Stay updated on 64 Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/64audio https://twitter.com/64audio https://instagram.com/64audio https://www.64audio.com/ info@64audio.com
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  2. harishmirror
    Hello Experts,

    I am in the process of deciding between Legend X, Fourte and U18t (all universal).

    Currently I have a wide list of IEMs such as the 7550. EX1000, Z5, 846, Andromeda and Vega. I am a basshead, but love the Andros for the staging, highs and width, they get all my attention. Now planning to hold on to the Andros and sell the rest , then upgrade to a premium IEM.

    Like most, I dont have the liberty to test them 1st hand myself. Which is insane when I am ready to shell over >2K. So kindly suggest me the differences between both. My preferences are listed below,

    1) Basshead
    2) I will hold on to the Andro's hence prefer the next IEM to have a different signature.
    3) Planning to replace the Vega, 7550 and Z5, which means I am facing bass deficiency.
    4) Will be using WM1Z as dap and at times :beer: + the undisputed Fiio E11 for skull thumping bass.

    Based on your words I am planning to decide selling all my current IEMs and upgrade myself. Thanks for all your help.
  3. fiascogarcia
    I own the Fourte and have listened to the U18, but not the Legend X. Here are a couple of good reviews that have comparisons you might find interesting and helpful.


    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
  4. twister6 Contributor
    For the analysis and comparison of Fourte, U18, N8, LX, and UE Live you can look into corresponding reviews on my blog. If your focus more on basshead attribute of tuning, your choice is either N8 or Legend X and maybe Vega/Atlas (read my N8 review, it has a more detailed comparison of N8 vs LX). Fourte has bass quality, but the least amount of bass quantity out of mentioned above, and U18 (while still being my personal top choice) is not going to satisfy bassheads.
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  5. twister6 Contributor
    Was replying to somone the other day about cable recommendation for Trio, and figured some might benefit in this thread as well. I was asked a question what "budget" cable to use with 64 Audio Trio to bring mids more forward without affecting the bass slam and treble sparkle. EA Ares II 8wire does exactly that, excellent pair up to balance out the sound signature.
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  6. quodjo105
    Has anyone got the Ares 2 (4 wire) on their U18t/A18 ?. Does it offer anything better than the stock SPC cable f?.
    My budget is $250 . Looking for a decent copper cable for my u18 . I don’t find anything wrong with the stock cable , but i have the dx200 with Amp8 so I want another cable with a 4.4mm plug to use . Thanks
  7. plakat
    After quite some deliberation, starting with "CIEM or not CIEM", then listening through a nice selection at a very welcoming shop in Berlin, finally contemplating the results I finally ordered the N8 yesterday. My reason for this is simply that sometimes my Shure SE846 does not sit well in my ears and starts to hurt. Does not happen every time, but too often... and I use them daily on my commute. So it needs a bit elevated bass (not coloring the mids, I strongly dislike that) and optimally a Bluetooth option.

    The models I tried (all universals or universal demo units, but still targeting a CIEM):
    64audio U18t: not my cup of tea. To... flimsy, for missing a better word. Much treble (which I do like if done right), the mids just not right. Bass so so. All in all not enough for me given its asking price.
    64audio U12t: much nicer, more coherent. Were I looking for something more reference, this would be a contender.
    Ultimate Ears U6pro: OK. Surprisingly so. Actually I was expecting a muddy bass canon, but it was quite OK. Would offer a native Bluetooth option but the default cable is... not my friend.
    Ultimate Ears Live: a major disappointment. Too much midbass (I can't stand that), rather muted treble, sounding just simple. Given its price: No.
    Vision Ears VE6XC: nice with the elevated bass setting, missing a bit of temperament without. Did not like the mids that much, especially in comparison to the VE8
    Vision Ears VE8: really good. Clean and strong bass, reaching not that deep though. Wonderful mids and exceptional treble. So unbelievably smooth yet clear... fascinating.
    64audio N8: Besides the Live this was my second reason for this small comparison. In this case it worked out much better, despite the fact that I could live with a little less midbass. Overall nice and smooth, not as engaging as the VE8, but a sound that's relaxing but not boring or undefined.

    I've long had a special preference for hybrid in-ears, starting with the K3003 which I still own (despite its suboptimal comfort -- that small metal part on the side always irritates me), going through Oriolus MKI and MKII (which I loved and maybe should both have sold...) and now looking into the new generation (N5005, UE6, Live, N8).

    I own the Shure KSE1500 and see it as one of the best headphones I've heard so far. To me it's engaging, beautifully clear and resolving, just about perfect. I would never use it on the go, given it's thick cable and the required amp. But owning the KSE1500 made the VE8 somewhat redundant since both go into a similar direction for me.

    The UE6pro would fulfill my mobile needs, even offering a first-Party Bluetooth option, but it's... just not that great. Rather attractive price though.

    That now leaves me with an expected wait of 4 weeks for my N8... An Earstudio ES100 will take care of connecting it to my main source for commuting (an iPhone). I don't expect to use it at home, but maybe also while working at a cafe. In that case an AK380SS will feed it... in case i did not bring the Shure along.
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  8. Barra
  9. twister6 Contributor
    It was on the front page (and still is) of Head-fi for a few days already :wink: Love the yin yang artwork on the case, unless it's a sticker?
  10. Barra
    No sticker, that is the real thing. It printed very nicely.
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  11. quodjo105

    My U18t arrived . These are the very best I’ve ever heard . Quick question though . And I need some good suggestions.
    Is it worth getting the 64 audio premium cable with a Pentaccon 4.4mm plug to use with my dx200 and amp8? Or will Pw audio no5 , ares 2 be a better option . Don’t want to spend over $300 on a cable at the moment. .
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  12. swesko
    Congrats and enjoy them :wink:
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  13. Oksaras
    Can anyone comment on how the apex module affects the isolation compared to other "traditional" CIEMs? (on the N8, A12t and A18t specifically). I understand that it acts as some sort of vent but i'm not sure how it impacts the isolation. Thanks in advance!
  14. eldss
    I’m a musician and I own other traditional customs and have owned both universal and custom versions of Apex equipped IEMs. Isolation is key for me and Currently I have the A12t and it by far offers more isolation than everything I’ve had before. I was surprised at first, as this wasn’t the case with universals. I’ve reached to the conclusion that it’s because of the excellent molds my audiologist took, these are the best fitting IEMs I have and also the shell/body of the A12t is bigger/ticker. Even with the M15 module the isolation is excellent. Then I would add that for live settings, the Apex modules offer a nice openness that musicians appreciate.

    I’m not sure if the above only applies to the A12t, because it has 12 drivers and the shells are bigger vs other IEMs with fewer drivers but despite of that these are the most comfortable IEMs I’ve owned, even compared to past 64 Audio customs.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
  15. quodjo105
    Quick question. Can you not order accessories like cable , tips etc without an iem order and have them ship it over to you?. I’ve been trying to order the premium cable but it won’t give me option to choose shipping method . Only Pick up option and “add to group iem order”. . I’m a bit confused here .
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