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The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

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  1. ceeloChamp
    But with the DX200 you get different amps and some of those amps sound better than iPhone and mojo, just sayin’ ...you can also stream and store music in “offline mode”
  2. teknorob23
    Probably horses for courses and I’m just speaking out of personal preference. i rarely listening to my portable set up in either a quiet enough environment or one where my concentration is undivided enough for crtical listening so these additional benefits are outweighed by the inconvenience of another device. If I’m listening at home where critical listening is on occasion possible, then I always listen to whatever the digital tranport is through an external dac/amp.

    There’s just no way any dap that exists at the moment using its internal amp and dac chips can compete sound quality-wise with this sort of set up. This might change in the future but essentially at the moment the tech required to do so won’t fit in the box

    I have only heard amps 1 and 5 so i can’t comment on all of them, but the mojo is the best dac I’ve hear under £1k and it’s not even a fair comparison imo. It’s just got more power, the seperation, detail and musicality which can only be beaten by spending £2k+ on hugo2 or Ayre
    codex. Either of the latter (in my instance the h2) are the heartbeat of my 12k 2 channel
    set up.... I think what’s probably coming through here, just in case i haven’t banged on long enough, is I quite like external Dac’s :wink:
  3. swesko
    Only after you sold me your dx200 that you are saying this :p
  4. ceeloChamp
    It’s ok that’s just his opinion, I happen to totally disagree...the dx200 is fantastic, try to get an AMP 4s if possible
  5. swesko
    Yep I know its just an opinion to each his own :)
    ceeloChamp likes this.
  6. teknorob23
    Yep phew :wink: :)

    No, i still think the dx200’ is the best sounding player that I’ve listened to and i auditioned pretty much everything up to £1500 before buying it. It’s just having gone through the process and for the reasons I’ve already mentioned I don’t think any dap that’s currently available will give me the perfect one-box solution for home/portable listening, that i had hoped it might. For that reason I’m not going to give
    up the convenience of phone/dac and the sound quality of music/server hugo2 for critical and fun listening at home.

    I’m new to headfi and I know I’massively in the minority holding this opinion, but you have mojo too don’t you? So I’ll be very interested to hear what you think.. you do of course have an ingredient I’ve not tried in your set up in the shape of
    U18s.. :L3000:
  7. ceeloChamp
    No I don’t have a mojo, and I agree it sounds good and I value your opinion, there is nothing wrong about what you said. I’d probably get a mojo and a poly, but I hate stacking external dac so I use a DAP. It’s also a pain in the ass to use your phone when you have all sorts stuff attached to it. I don’t have a U18 either I have a Fourté and a A12t though and I will say the AMP 4s is like almost on par with the WM1Z. Bottom line is I don’t want to be truculent I agree the mojo is good but to me it’s just not as good...the Hugo 2 though, that is stupendous.
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  8. teknorob23
    Massive apologies that must have seemed like nonsense and quite chippy too. Just super clumsy posting on my part proving once and for all that i definitely cant multi-task. I was trying to respond to @swesko quote below, while feeding my youngest a bottle of milk. Fortunately i didn’t mess up the later :wink:

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  9. ericr
    64 Audio Tour Kit at Seattle Meet this Saturday - May 5!!!


    64 Audio Tour Gear currently in my possession:
    • Trio (hybrid universal IEM)
    • U12t (12 driver per side IEM)
    Along with my 64 Audio Gear:
    • Tia Fourte (TOTL universal hybrid IEM
    • Triton Audio Cables Trition8 - 8 conductor hybrid (4 copper & 4 Silver) 2-pin IEM cable
      • David with Triton (AKA @alpha421 ) does good work with cables
    • A18 (18 driver per side!!! Custom IEM - if it fits your ears)
    Also the Beat Audio Premium IEM Cables Tour Gear currently in my possession:
    • Supernova MKII (4-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($249)
    • Supernova MKII (8-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($?)
    • Thor - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($399) (Copper)
    • Prima Donna (4-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($799) (Silver Alloy)
    • Prima Donna (8-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($1199) (Silver Alloy)
    • Prima Donna adapter - 2.5mm balanced female to 3.5mm male
    • Prima Donna adapter - 2.5mm balanced female to 4.4mm balanced male
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  10. ayang02
    I've been waiting for my Toxic Cable order for over 14 weeks, which is recently extended to another 2-3 weeks delay since I decided to add an extra Black Widow copper cable to my order...

    My A18t order is about 3 weeks-old, I find myself being very patient after all the waiting...
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  11. pithyginger63
    anybody listen to vinyl with their iems?
  12. Layman1
    They changed the name to N8.
    Nothing else, I'm afraid.
    You're welcome :p
  13. CalvinW
    You have a crazy amount of patience. I just decided to choose another cable when DHC told me their lead time was 6-10 weeks.
    That's just absurdly long
    ayang02 likes this.
  14. fiascogarcia
    And that's an optimistic estimate.
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