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  1. hattrick15
    Not sure what you mean by "pair". Are you referring to whether I use the A18 or the Fourte more?
  2. wldcohso
    Yes, which do you use the most between Fourte and A18?
  3. hattrick15
    I use them about equally. As has been well documented on this thread and others, they are both excellent earphones, but do have different signatures. The A18 has a more reference sound and the Fourte has a more dynamic, energetic sound. It depends on my mood on which I listen too.

    I'm actually selling my Fourte however because I need to get some extra money. Sad day that I have to sell one of them. But, I'm choosing to sell the Fourte because it is universal, so makes it easier to sell.
  4. tkddud21
    Onkyo dp-s1a is a good choice too.
  5. PinkyPowers
    Definitely try smaller ear tips for a deeper insertion. Using those o-rings or making your own spacers can certainly help. Try different orientations with the shell in relation to your ear.

    Hopefully you'll land upon a method that works for you.
  6. Zeeke
    This is exactly my problem and why I went Customs, I couldn't get the 64 or other brands to stay in my odd ears. Turns out my ear canal turns up fairly quickly and doesn't leave enough room for tips to get a good grip. With the 64s the comply were the best but they still wouldn't stay in. My customs are amazing and I would never go back to universal. I know its not an answer you like but I tried soo many universal and the only ones that even kinda of stayed in were Campfire because they are so small, well maybe Weststone 80s were decent as well but wouldnt stay in if I moved around. Silicone tips 100% will not work in my ears and just fall out. Zero seal.

    Did you not get a chance to try them before you bought them?
  7. Saraband
    No, I didn't try them first, but since Westone and Shure universals have worked so well for me, I just made the assumption that these would too. I think I could get used to the Comply if that's the best it's going to get, but I have Shure Olives, Spiral Dots, Symbio wide bores, and a bunch of o-rings on the way, so I will experiment more! With the Comply tips, the bass quantity is almost at SE846 levels so the seal is pretty good, but while they're not exactly falling out of my ears, the SE846 is more secure and snug.

    The good news is that I've relaxed about it over the past day, and the music has taken center stage. These earphones are incredible. I've always felt that the SE846 was a little congested, almost claustrophobic. The sensation I get listening to the U18 is not that the soundstage is always huge but rather that it's as big as it needs to be at any given moment, as if the SE846 cage I've been living in has been unlocked. The instrumentation is also very organized. There's no bleeding anywhere. The bass and treble are extremely present, but the sound is never too bass heavy or bright. Each is free to do their own thing. It's magical.

    I haven't tried customs, but my thought has always been that they don't suit my lifestyle. I live in NYC and use my earphones on trains and sometimes on the street, where having complete isolation isn't really safe. Plus I also use them in my office, where it would be good to know if someone is trying to talk to me. I can imagine, however, that all my tip woes would simply disappear if I did go the custom route. Like I said, I'm still hopeful, I just think that my ears are a little more picky with the U18.
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  8. jessnie
    Have made my decision to upgrade my in-production A12t to A18t after listening to the demo for two days now...the mids are much clearer, soundstage is enormous and truly 3D! The remaining problem is wether I should change my hifiman hm901 to another DAP that matches A18t better? Any thoughts guys?
  9. tkddud21
    You should change your dap because of its high sensitivity. Pleanue2 or AK series may good for a18t
  10. wldcohso

    I thought you couldn’t change it once the status changes to in production. I really like fourte and Tzar... I’m contemplating getting both but that would just be over kill for me.
  11. wldcohso
    Boy oh boy does The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band (50th Anniversary Super Delux Editon) from hdtracks sound soooooooooo good. I have three versions and to my ears this is sooo much more better. Musical, vocals, instrument placement is just so good. I’ll be listening to this all weekend.
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  12. RobertP
    I might upgrade A12t to A18t too then. LOL! I'll try. Just don't want to regret not upgrading it later.
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  13. fuhransahis
    How were you able to make that comparison? Did you get a demo of the U12t?
  14. aaf evo
    My Fourte's just delivered! Beyond excited. Merry early Christmas to myself! Lol
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  15. dthong
    I emailed 64 audio and they were kind enough to change my a12t to an a18t (after paying for the difference of course)

    Mine only had the shells processed and was not yet being assembled.
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