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The New Thinksound Woodies. ON2, Rain3 and MS02

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor

    71hK9LHpWgL._SL1500_1.jpg  Rain3
    71I9Et3roQL._SL1500_1.jpg MS02
    I have been busy with life as all of you are I am sure reading about all the new multi driver earphones and the new high end headphones as most of you all are.  It seems to be the new trend on the threads is all about more drivers hybrids and phones that cost a copious amount of your hard earned cash that get all the attention.  Well here is something refreshing, how about good old single driver iems and a portable woodie that proves it is all about materials and the know how to tune correctly. Crazy but believe it or not a single dynamic can actually sound just as good if not better than a lot of multi driver and overhyped phones.  On point I got contacted by Aaron Faurnier of Thinksound.  Got some new phones he wanted me to try out.
    I believe these have been released all this year but very under the radar I suppose as there is no dedicated threads for them so here it is.
    These are Thinksounds newest and I have to admit a complete and total surprise. Will have much more here including impressions and my overall assessment of these products.
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    Reserved cus everyone else does it.
  3. drbluenewmexico

    looking forward to your impressions DS! thanks for starting this new thread for the fine Thinksound offerings!
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    Been listening to the ON2s out of my Pono a bit of Stan Getz and I have to say. These things simply sound superb. The more I am getting used to their sound the more I am hearing the genius of these phones. It has been 30 hours of burn in thus far and I can't possibly see how these could sound any better than they already do. And yes they do sound better than when I first heard them out of the box. The slight treble grain seems to be gone. What is left is clear treble that has plenty of definition. This is the one aspect of the sound on these that I admire the most.
    The smallish 40mm drivers on these headphones does not seem to be your garden variety drivers. Microdetails are clearly heard. Sound separation and layering on these phones are some of the best I have heard from a portable headphone. I will do some comparisons with other cans I own later on. The best of my portables being my ATH-MSR7.. These ON2s are already threating my favorite portable for sheer sound quality.  I am completely shocked at how dimensional the sound is from these small headphones. 
    From what I understand Aaron has clearly retuned the ON2, the MS02 and the Rain3. I think the best tuners of phones are the ones that retool and bring out better from previous efforts and I have no doubts this is exactly what he has done.
    The MS02 thus far has also been a complete surprise. My favorite woodie earphones you guys should know already is the FX850. These are sounding so good for their price I have no doubts these are the better value over the JVC FX series. These are Thinksounds monitor earphones and as such the accuracy is crazy good on the MS02.  They have also benefitted from some burn in and I have to say the synergy out of my Pono is pretty mind blowing.  The MS02 and ON2 share a very similar sound tuning and balancing. 
    The Rain3 is the fun signature version of the Thinksound tuning. Compared to the Rain2. These are clearly a retune of the Rain series. A bit more V shaped signature and not as up front giving a good sense of space and air. These sounds more semi opened vs the Rain2.  Vocals are not as up front as the other 2 phones on the thread. Probably using the same driver as the MS02 the real difference is these are bit more open sounding with a good amount of bass and treble emphasis. Share some similarities to the Dunu Titan 1 in sound signature actually. Will do a proper comparison between the 2 when time allows. 
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  5. Decommo
    Have you also tried previous version On1? I checked their website and both On1 and On2 are selling at $199 and not sure what the differences are. They look identical and price are same, too.  [​IMG]   Is On2 better than On1 since it is newer model? 
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    It is similar tuning however we were able to tighten our testing and production specs to make them more accurate than the On1. 
    This is what Aaron wrote me when I asked him about what he improved. So I suspect the ON1 will be similar but the ON2 will have a touch more refinement maybe even a bit more cleaner sounding than the ON1. If you can get the ON1 for the asking price of $119 and comes 95% of the ON2.
    This would be a steal of a deal
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  7. Decommo
    Thank you. Yes, i also noticed current offer on MD hence my interest got picked. :)  I am also very keen to get JVC FX850 or FX1100. Does MS2 offer very similar sound of FX850 that wooden driver that is well known for? 
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    FX850 has more of a V curve to the tuning vs the bit more forward ON2s especially in the mids section.  I like both for different reasons. The FX earphones are large and have a equally large sound but leak sound in. You can hear everything going on around you. The ON2 isolates way better.  The FX850 will have a bit more width to the sound presentation vs the ON2 has more depth especially in the mids vs the FX850.  Sound stage imaging is more longer oval on the FX earphones with more width of sound than depth.  the ON2 has a more intimate imaging with really good depth of sound which make the stage imaging more rounded in all directions.
    I don't mind the comfort of either phones but the FX is quite large for a single housing in ears the ON2 is on ears.  Both have excellent timbre. I say either one you will be fine with but you have to choose which type of phone you would like. On ears are not for everyone.
    With Winter coming I actually dont mind a bit of ear muffs that have exceptional sound. Serving double duty block out that cold while listening to your music. That is a win win.
  9. Decommo
    Thank you very much for comparison...  I actually asked MS02 vs FX850  [​IMG]  I noted your comment that Thinksound ON2 and MS02 has similar sound signature. If I understood correctly, FX850 is v shape sound emphasis on low and high with a bit recessed mid... And MS02/ON2 has balanced sound with mid focus. Have I understood correctly? I was told that JVC FX series is especially good for wooden instrument. Do you think that MS02/ON2 is also good for listening wooden instrument? Sorry for asking many questions. :)
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    I was in complete ON2 mode as I just got done writing a review on them. Ya the MS02 is very similar to the ON2 in sound profile and tuning. It is the in ear version.  I have to write a review about them soon as well but for now I would say the better value is the MS02 at half the price of the FX850.  If you can get a good used FX850 that would be a good deal and certainly worth owning.
    In my opinion I think every enthusiast should own a FX earphone but if budge does not allow it you can't go wrong with the MS02.  The Rain3 has a similar V shape sound to the FX850 but looses out to them in SQ. 
    MS02 is the in ear equivalent to the ON2. I think the ON2 does edge the MS02 out in overall SQ but for half the price of the ON2 and the FX850 for that matter. The MS02 represents the best value out of the bunch.
    Wood instrument or instruments in general in your music will sound very nice. I still think the FX850 is the timbre king here but the Thinksound phones are right up there.
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  11. Decommo
    Thank you so much. It was very helpful to understand and make decision. :) 
  12. B9Scrambler
    Kinda shocked this thread is still on page 1. I've got the On2 and MS02 in right now. Oh yeah, they're very nice.


  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    A bit overlooked they are. Glad you got them B9. Both of them benefit from some burn in.
  14. B9Scrambler
    Thank ya sir, Burn-in advice noted. They're pretty far down in the review queue so they'll have plenty of time to settle. [​IMG]
  15. B9Scrambler
    Here's my take on the thinksound MS02. Next up is the On2!

    DSCN0608.jpg       DSCN0586.jpg       DSCN0607.jpg

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