The new portable amp Aune B1

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by ph0n6, Jan 21, 2015.
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  1. Johnnystuff
    You mean from the aune store?

    Anyway, I just checked and they want 30$ extra for the delivery. Not gonna happen.
  2. Hi-Fi'er
    No from
  3. osman59
    Hello everyone,
    Can we use Aune B1 while charging ( wall charger or from computer ) ?
    Best Regards.
  4. Hi-Fi'er
  5. osman59
    Thanks for the very promt reply.
  6. Hi-Fi'er
    Welcome. The B1 is a great amp. You will love it.
  7. bharat2580
    B1 is on its way , though i am really scared about the self and ear destruct buttons, don't want to destroy my 1 grand ciem's and my ears or the unit.
    please some detailed info on that?
  8. redfx
    Once I switched the button while listening to music (Dunu Titan 1). All is OK.
  9. bharat2580
    ones .........
  10. bharat2580
    hi guys, i don't hear any difference between the 40 and 20 ma gain settings. do you ?
  11. thelonious58
    Has anyone here used the B1 with the AKG K612? I listen at low to moderate volume, currently using a Topping Nx-1 from my iPod classic 160Gb via LOD L9 and am pleasantly surprised by the sound quality, plenty of detail and decent soundstage. Would the Aune B1 be a sensible replacement for the Topping Nx-1 if I only listen at moderate volume?
  12. redfx
    This is a much higher level of quality. Size and weight. [​IMG]
  13. thelonious58
    Thanks, but would it represent a worthwhile upgrade as I listen at low to medium levels?
  14. redfx
    Yes. A huge increase in audio quality and range.
  15. drbluenewmexico
    B1 is class A circuits and sounds like much more expense high end audio gear! improves almost every
    headphone I've connected to it and output of DAPS much more effective, controls bass much better
    than DAP amps....out of M2s Aune Dap (designed by same team) its reference level combo...
    out of Calyx M its kosmic class combo....
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