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The new portable amp Aune B1

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by ph0n6, Jan 21, 2015.
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  1. ph0n6
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  2. tepet08
    one of the store in my town have this and highly rated Cayin C5 to demo.one of these day I will be going there to give both a listen.Im in a need for portable amp for my Alpha Prime.C5 users said it was very capable with that phone..Will report back once i had a listen.
  3. Cecala
    Impressive although power output a bit on the low side.
  4. palermo
    Is that class A amp on B1 similar to discrete amp on CL Picollo and ALO National plus ?
  5. TooPoorForHiFi
    Where I can purchase one
  6. ph0n6
    Most Audio store in VN has it. Taobao has tons of seller of these thing (credibility should be questioned though). I think Shenzhen Audio will have these in stock soon.
  7. redfx
    I have not Aune B1, but my Chinese friend sent real photos:
    (Warning, many photos)









    And may be in near time store Tennmak can offer Aune B1

    PS S/N 0001!
  8. redfx
    My B1 is coming to me
    PS Tennmak offer Aune B1 for $210, but "Google sells cheaper"
  9. ph0n6

    Has it arrived yet? Would love to hear your impression
  10. redfx

    On the way.
    My friend got the B1 and wrote to me about the amplifier. B1 - neutral, amazingly detailed and honest.
  11. Mooses9
  12. ph0n6

    2nd to that, though not my taste so I didn't get it. And it is pretty hot (literally) too.
  13. cleg
    Mine arrived recently, I've made small video

    Actually, B1 is really different from "traditional" amplifiers. I didn't made A/B comparisons yet, but I like B1s details and neutral sound
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  14. TooPoorForHiFi
    Does it Heats up?
  15. cleg

    yes, it became a little bit warm
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