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The NEW JVC FX850..Woodie perfection?. (A review)

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    I would say 100 hours is a must for these to show their true sound. The open box sound is not as tight as my pair. Bass becomes way more dynamic, tighter and more controlled. Mids solidifies, highs become one of the best if not the best..You think the timbre sounds good now wait till the sound tightens up. Not to mention the definition of overall sound improves.
    I have well over 200 hours on my pair and I can't comprehend how good these earphones sound to me. It is on a level I never expected.
    Don't care if any of you guys that read this don't do burn in..Burn them in, do it in secret.. It gets better and better..
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  2. mochill
    I believe :beerchug:
  3. lee730
    I'm happy I sold my 8A. One of my friends actually much preferred the 5.0 to his 8As actually lol.
  4. DannyBai
    Glad you are liking those lee. I'm digging them so much now that some of my other favorite phones are showing some flaws. Not that these aren't without flaws but its a beautiful sound none the less. I was hesitant on getting them too but Dsnuts assured me that I needed to and happy I did. Burn in is no joke on these too. I owed you at least one recommendation after the several you've helped me with. Happy listening man!
  5. mochill
    No thank to mo for his hype:cry:
  6. lee730
    You can get a dryer for them if you are concerned.
  7. DannyBai
    And thank mo for his hype!
  8. lee730
    lol the hype was what was scarring me at first. But knowing we tend to share similar preferences and perceptions of sound made me take that leap :). I listened to them for 5 hours straight yesterday... They are gradually improving. I don't think they require burn in on my part. I'll listen to them and hear those changes.  They sound good as is out of the box (just slightly muffled out of box but opened up within the first hour of use). Could be my sources playing a roll in it also.
  9. DannyBai
    I tend to be a hype guy myself and then months later I wonder what I was hyping about so I understand, lol.  I tend to be more critical these days and have heard enough to know what should be a lasting piece of gear or not based on experience.  Hope so anyway.  I actually burned mine in for 100 hours straight and only listened at the beginning in the middle and at the end it seemed to have worked for burn in.  But, you know what you're doing and the important thing is that the woodie goodness will have you hooked.  
  10. proedros
    are these better-sounding than the RE-600 ?
  11. SyCo87

    I think the RE-600s and the JVC-850 are going two different directions. The hifimans are going for a more neutral clean, accurate sound. JVC is going for a rich, characteristic sound using the wood to contribute to the overall tone.
  12. Gorillaz
    are these made is Japan?
  13. lee730
    No the're made in China :wink:.. Just joking. Yes they are.
  14. mochill
    The havi b3proi are better then the re600:sunglasses:
  15. Gorillaz
    I guess I am going to jump in at this hype then!
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