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The NEW Headphone Lounge Thread

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  1. rufus1949
    Ted is first rate with service. I had an issue with plug...sound was cutting in and out. Ted had me send them back and replaced plug with upgrade.
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  2. 514077
    Good to know. I may have to.
  3. jmac1516
    I’ll confirm this based on my many experiences and purchases with Ted.
  4. bluesyfluesy
    i would like to thank Ted again for his excellent service, although this happened few months ago already...

    a few months back i sent my cables back to Tedfor repair as i noticed the IEM connector pins looked damaged and was afraid that they would be susceptible to break.
    Ted processed my request quickly, and i got my cables returned quickly with the fixed pins!
    it was then i noticed that Ted didnt send me any invoice - i havent paid for the repair!!
    so i promptly emailed and apologised for forgetting to pay him, but his reply was that he didnt send me an invoice because he didnt charge me for the repair!!

    i am really amazed at the quality of his service... he is one of the cable makers that i keep going back to for new cables :) thanks Ted!!!
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  5. chengsta
    yep too bad his company is relatively unknown. He makes the best sounding cables. I've had $700 cables before from other companies and they are of cheaper quality and didn't sound as good.
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  6. fiascogarcia
    Agreed! I've had Whiplash, DHC, and Toxic cables come and go, and I've kept his T2 silver and had it re-terminated about 3 times as I've changed out equipment. And I'm about ready to sell a new Effect Audio cable because Ted's pretty much covers all it's bases.
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  7. teds headfood
    been having issues with laptop/internet/gmail. if emailing please know i'm always around or next to laptop. i might not answer at the exact same time as you're emailing. thanks
  8. DrummerLeo
    I just received my second order from Ted. Doing business with Ted is such a enjoyable experience, better than all the other "well known" companies, especially the one start from "W" which never reply messages.
    Anyway, this time is a T2 copper cable for HD800s, there is a little story about this cable, I will talk about it later.
    First, let's talk about the most important thing, the SQ!
    The T2 copper really provide a more focused mid, warmer and more musical than the stock balanced cable. The mid was improved significantly from the stock cable. The bass also is more textured and has more weight.
    The HD800s didn't lose its great treble and sound stage, sounds from hd800s are just as open as they were. Furthermore, I noticed that this cable provides more details than the stock cable which really surprised me a lot!!! You have to know the stock balanced cable costs about $100 more.
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  9. DrummerLeo
    For those who has HD800s or HD800, plz same some money for your mum and buy this outstanding cable. You really don't need to pay a lot more for some "brand names" or fancy logs, and wait for weeks for a cable.
  10. teds headfood
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  11. fiascogarcia
    Last edited: May 20, 2018
  12. teds headfood
    my niece is 4 months prego her house is just above a few streets and sister is below halfway to ocean. lucky it took a right turn a few hundreds yards before or she would of lost her place. its goin nutz
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  13. Saraguie
    Ted, we send our thoughts and prayers to your family.....
  14. ZappaMan
    Hi ted - what would you recommend for the Hd800s? Copper or silver litz ?

    I listen to all sorts of music, only recently got the headphones, so I have no complaints with the stock cable.

    I have your silver litz for se846, and copper for hd650, I should be able to answer this myself!
  15. rufus1949
    Once again, thanks Ted for your great product and fast service. Your t2 works great with my 64 audio A12t's.
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