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  1. chengsta
    I still have my silver t1 cable from 3-4 years ago made by ted. other than about 4 inches of it turning brown in the middle around the Y connect, it still functions like it was brand new. Other silver cables from other guys I've bought from only lasted 6 months before intermittent cutting-out of music. I don't need to order new cables but since I just bought the fiio x7 v2 I thought why not give balanced cables a shot? The v1 cables are already great, I don't think v2 can actually beat it but we'll see in a few weeks
    ....And once that's done, I have this urge to upgrade from my old jh16 pros to the kaiser encore to go with the cables. This cycle never ends.

    edit: well just got the new balanced cables. I'm amazed, love the extra details and how beautiful it looks. Also extends the treble, I didn't think there would really be any improvement. It could just be that I went balanced and not the actual cable doing anything, you never know.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
  2. damobananna

    What iem's are you using there chappy? thinking setting up my jupiters wth ted silver balanced and onkyo dap
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
  3. chengsta
    still using old jh16's with fp.
  4. Leo888
    #SeeSax, may i know what cable is that you have in the 1st photo. Looks interesting in that colour tone. Thanks in advance.
  5. fiascogarcia
    V2 gives a more full bodied sound without compromising the upper end. Sounds very similar to the Whiplash Twag3. I feel it's a noticeable improvement over the V1. IMO
  6. SeeSax
    This is Ted's silver-plated copper cable - cheaper than the pure silver and very nice ergonomics and sound. I love the color.

  7. Leo888
    Hi there Collin, thanks for the information. The colour tone pique my interest which really stands out among the usual silver/copper and not exactly black. May i know what colour is that?

    Colour tone aside, merit of sound improvement would definitely be priority. Thus, could you kindly provide a brief comparison with the T2 silver litz?

    Btw, I'll still holding on to some SE846, SE535 and JVC F850 which i intend to use with and have a Null Arete cable on order for the 535 and looking a step up for the 846.

    Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  8. SeeSax
    As far as I know, his SPC cables only come in that one color. I would send him an email.
  9. Leo888
    That will make thing easier. Thanka.
  10. teds headfood
    basically its a translucent black bu t it varies slightly lighter on roll. i just needed something to easily see the difference between the silver litz. its from my old wire manufacturer hakugei so its discounted until the 1,000 meter roll is gone. it is slightly softer pe insulation than new T2 copper and T2 silver. all are type 2 litz other than older left over wires.
    easiest way to get me is email as i'm right next to laptop most of the time.
    on the cable with 4" of browning chengsta has, after talking to him and seeing his picture that was not one of my cables. it is from chris_himself(HPL) after i stopped doing his cables back in aug. 2013.
  11. Leo888
    Thanks for following up as usual Ted. Still using the 2 sliver litz ic you have done up for me a couple years back. Will email you soon. Cheers.
  12. Gurashieruro
    Scrolling through Facebook and I ran up to Ted's posts. Saw that he got new y-splits in too. Looks really nice compared to the ones he was originally using; they look much smaller. Might have to get him to make me another cable whenever I get some money in.
    I need to stop spending money on audio and actually save up :o2smile:
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  13. UELong
    Oh why save up? Audio over food, anyday.
  14. Leo888
    Looking good and patiently waiting.
  15. Leo888
    Finally receive the T2 Silver. The cable looks great compared to pics. Blacker background against the Nocturnal 8 braided hybrid and glad that i'm digging the result i'm getting. Cheers.

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