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The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by valentinhogea, Feb 10, 2013.
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  1. ezone2kil
    Received my FR cert today.
    What do you guys think?
    It sounds pretty bassy to me when everyone said they have weak bass..
  2. jrprana

    I'll be interested to read your review.
  3. jrprana
    Anybody compared Sonett 2 to EC Super 7 with HD800?
    I tried to search the forum, but it seems that every discussion quickly turned into BA, Zana Deux and Stratus comparison.
  4. Sorrodje
    in a perfect world, i would be able to give you my point of vue next monday after a promising two days meeting here in France but unfortunately, we live in the real world : My Sonnet 2 is not ready and a friend's EC S7 needs to go to be repaired.  [​IMG] .  I'll have to wait a few more month before having the two amp together on the same table. [​IMG]
  5. Blasyrkh
    I bet that it extends in height too, am i right?
  6. soundeffect
    Nice! More people with the sonett 2, tdk it is. How long you have to wait for the completion of sonett 2?
  7. Jarmel
    Are there any serious competitors for the HD800 recently?  I've been out of the 'game' for awhile and I'm curious if there's anything better out.  Same goes for my amplifier:EC Balancing Act.
  8. Sorrodje
    I've ordered mine and paid the Deposit 6 weeks ago. I think you can reasonnably expect to get your Sonnett at your home 2 month after ordering.
  9. jibzilla
  10. En_R
    Nope, not really. Unless you are looking for a different flavor (stax, orthos).
    For dynamics you could give the new AKG K812 a shot. It retains alot of the things that make HD800 enjoyable (soundstage, speed, bass impact, good detail extraction) while having a much richer, fuller midrange, albeit more colored. This makes the K812 a very attractive alternative for those who prefer vocals or small ensemble jazz/strings. Another important thing to note is that the K812 is much easier to "get right" in terms of amp and source while the 800 is much more demanding (both sound great on the BA with 300b's).

    The downside is the K812 loses spectacularly in terms of transparency and raw details, and the amount of sub-bass might be a bit much for people who are used to the HD800. It also does not scale as high as the 800.
    EC also has a new amp out, the 4*2a3. I'd find a chance to audition one as it is said to be a significant step up in some areas compared to the BA (w/ the 800s). The BA also has new transformers, and rumor is the the 4*2a3 will be getting new ones as well.
  11. Sonido
    To be honest I was just thrown off by the way the sound peeled off into a new dimension in depth. I can't say I got to analyze much of anything else. I was just that shocked and awed. But next time I get an opportunity to hear it I'll definitely take a more holistic approach to it.
  12. jchandler3
    I hate to be "that guy" but I need to just toss a question out there:
    My end-goal is to step from the HD650 to the HD800. I'm really interested in getting either the Schiit Asgard 2 or Lyr. (A) I like the company and have had good experiences with them, (B) they're a great bang for the buck and (C) I need a preamp built-in. Between the A2 and Lyr, which would be best suited to drive the HD800? I'll be sourcing with the ÜberFrost.
    Thanks for the help!
  13. radiojam

    Why not consider the Valhalla? It is an OTL, all tube which is a good match for higher impedance phones.
  14. jchandler3
    Ideally I'd like a preamp, which the Valhalla lacks. 
  15. MickeyVee
    With the right tubes, the Lyr can be nice with the HD800. I used the Amperex Orange Globes with I had the Lyr/Uberfrost. From what I've read, the A2 may be on the bright side for the HD800.
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