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The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by valentinhogea, Feb 10, 2013.
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  1. G0rt
    I seem to have found my Happy Place(tm)
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  2. omniweltall
    Where did you get the headband, mate?

    Been looking for it.
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  3. gLer
    Or rather why did you get the headband? The HD800 is so friggin’ comfortable, I hardly even know it’s there when it’s on. Can wear it all day if I’m not careful!
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  4. Ojisan
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  5. G0rt
    Those are from Turbulent Labs, actually designed for Beyers, but fit Senns fine. :D
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  6. G0rt
    I appreciate Sennheiser engineering, and won't call any of my alterations unqualified 'improvements', but the Turbulent Labs headband does, for me, several useful things:

    I expect it to last many, many years, ie, it's not a consumable.

    It's thick enough that I can use the 800's at full extension, ie, no setup, and optimal, for me, clamping force.

    It looks and feels fine, rather posh, actually.

    It does add weight and expense, but not so much that I have to care. :D
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  7. treebug
    As someone who doesn't have a lot of natural padding on top I find the HD800 headband starts to apply a little pressure during long sessions. Ok for short term though. Thanks for this, I'll have a look!
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  8. G0rt
    Roger that, I have similar circumstances, and although I do like the light weight of the factory parts, the stock HD800/800S had a tendency to fall off if I wasn't careful how I moved. Never more.

    The stock headband design also adds damping to the underlying metal, and it's possible that the additional mass of the Turbulent Labs wrapper could improve this, although I have no way to measure it.
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  9. G0rt
    I used something like that on an M50X, but the Turbulent Labs is beautiful and well-padded leather. Also works on 600 series (easier to fit if you slide it on from one side, after removing the stock foam.)

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  10. Ojisan
    Looks very nice! Purchased :)
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  11. treebug
    Online store Alza is still showing stock of the original HD800. Tempted, but are they brand new and not refurbished units this late in the day?
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  12. yates7592
    The set I received were definitely brand new. That was about 5 months ago from memory.
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  13. dmdm
    Hey that's really cool. Love my pair.
  14. dmdm
    How much are they in canadian dollars on that site?
  15. treebug
    Not sure about Canadian Dollars, but they're £1049 on the Alza UK site.
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