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The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by valentinhogea, Feb 10, 2013.
  1. Joong
    I just come back from he-560 v3 which has been my usual phone due to being easy with my glasses, and due to its preciousness among my many phones.
    Immediately technical superiority is felt across all spectrum of frequency.
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  2. omniweltall
    H#ll yeah!!
  3. Law87

    If you like the HD800 you will not like the Ether 2....total 180 type of headphone, that headphone is dark!

    Ether C+HD800+HD800s = HD820

    HD820 is what HD800 user want and been wanting for years.
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  4. omniweltall
    Thanks for the info, mate. I can appreciate different tonalities. Kinda add flavors to the music. I like Audeze's dark, for example.
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  5. twiceboss
    I was not following up with this for quite some times. I currently still using xsabre+heron 5 for my hd800.

    Is there any new dac/amp that can be as warm as this pair and having a smaller size?
  6. Law87

    to each their own....I cant do a 180 like that, too much of a change for me. I guess this is why I can tolerate Beyer T1 Gen 1 easily, I'm the extreme end of the spectrum. heavy bass and dark headphone is my kryptonite.
  7. protoss
    Yes I agree. You dont want the same sound. Better to have one bright and one dark.

    @Law87 Its better to get a Dark headphone to compliment the HD800. Audeze is a great start. Plus you named 2 closed backs. Maybe 2 open backs. 1 dark and 1 bright. And 1 closed back maybe?

    I think the ultimate ideal is. 2 open backs. 1 closed and 1 staxs.
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  8. Law87
    I dont hoard headphone like that, once I like a headphone I stay with it and actually listen to it daily and weekly, some people have 30 pairs and listen to it once a year, which is fine, but I'm not rich :D. If I have a Lamborghini Veneno, I'll probably drive it everywhere too. Not the type to buy something and set it on the shelf.
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  9. protoss
    Yes, understand. Audeze LCD2C is pretty good on price. Not saying you should go out and buy LCD4? Or Meze Emp? It would be nice thou...
    Overall, HD800 is enough for most things. :)
  10. FiGuY1017
  11. twiceboss
    True that heron 5 makes hd800 smooth. Im still waiting my vokyl erupt from indigogo though...
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  12. defbear
    I am fortunate to have a variety of nicer headphones that run the gamut from bright to dark. My set of original HD800’s is my favorite set. My complement to the HD800’s is my Fostex TH900 set. Super bass that does not overwhelm the other frequencies but stays put. And great clarity. Unlike the HD800, you can ‘drive’ it with just about anything. I use a microZOTL with them. I have a desktop system, that you can’t lift, for the HD800’s.
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  13. gLer
    To me the ideal is one headphone you absolutely love and listen to often. In my experience one headphone can’t really cover all the music I listen to perfectly, or sometimes I feel like a change of flavour, so two complementary headphones are a good compromise, even though one will get used much more often than the other. Each to his own - I’m not in this hobby to collect headphones, I’m in it to find the best for my taste and wallet and use them for what they’re meant for.
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  14. RCBinTN
    Personally, I like two complementary headphones ... bright and darker.
    I've settled on HD800 and Audez'e LCD-4.

    I've loved the Audez'e house sound, for years, starting with the LCD-X.
    The LCD-4 resolution of "micro-details" beats the other Audez'e HPs by a wide margin, IMO.
    YMMV :)
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  15. Joong
    You are in perfect condition.
    Mines are Hd800 / He560 and Nighthawk.
    Hd800 and He560 are competing whereas Nighthawk complements them but there is some missing in sub-bass.
    I try to get LCD-2 fazor to complement Hd800 with sub-bass.
    Hd800 will carry all those layers of orchestration but still lacking in percussion and in liquidity nature of sound that is found in well driven planars even found in he-560.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019

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