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The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by valentinhogea, Feb 10, 2013.
  1. sup27606
    Also, may be check the headphone cable for any breakage or intermittent disconnect inside.

    $550 is about $125 less than what I would consider a good deal in the Head-fi classifieds with negligible scratch and original box and everything.
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  2. whirlwind

    Scratches bother some, they do me...but if the price is right...then many people can live with some scratches, especially if the headphone cost a couple of hundred dollars less.
    I was just mentioning that official pads and headphone padding, like what come with the headphone new...cost $120.
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  3. IkSak
    What about without box? How much does it affect the value?

    Both are 120 or each one? The problem in Colombia is that we don't have any official representative, therefore getting these can become pretty expensive because of the taxes and int shipping
  4. whirlwind

    It cost $120 for both the headband padding and the ear pads....this was from e-bay....they were both fairly hard to find, for the Sennheiser official padding....I thought it would be much easier.
    I owned this headphone for 4 or 5 years.....good earpads make a difference
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  5. sup27606
    It might be a little less without box, (may be $25 less, just a very wild guess) but wouldn't be too much of a difference. You can monitor the prices of used HD800 on Head-fi rather easily at this site. https://devbrada.com/classifieds/
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  6. Joong
    A masterpiece needs nothing additional to get it shine.

    It was long and winding road finally to get HD800, which is a masterpiece for classical / orchestral music for sure.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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  7. J Mirra
    New 800 user here, I bought it fitted with the SuperDupont mod from Ebay.
    I have never had the chance to hear one before but wanted a set for ten years, the price was right and time to give them a go.

    With the right recordings they are dynamic, great bass, smooth treble, deep and wide sound stage.
    Feed them with a bad recording and they show you that just like the Beyerdynamic T1.1.
    They are very similar sound wise with the HD800 having a slightly bigger stage, the HD800 clearer at the extremities of the stage.

    So pleased to have both now, the Audio-GD R2R11 sounds so so good with both.
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  8. Nudel
    Excellent. Thanks.
  9. J Mirra
    I am finding position on the ears plays a major part, I was hearing a shrill ringing on S in songs and speech this morning.

    Rearranging the cups they started to sound amazing again.

    I had heard in reviews that the cups position does make much difference, hum.

    They were positioned forward around my ears more, centering them gives a balanced sound, pushing them back gives a warm with less highs presentation.
  10. yates7592
    I think this must be some kind of record to be honest! I have just bought my 4th pair of HD800, having sold the previous 3 pairs over a period of about 8 years. Can anyone here beat that for stupidity?
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  11. whirlwind
    Ha...i just sold mine and I wonder if I will ever buy them again...who knows.

    You may have the record...I did own the Senn HD650 on three different occasions
  12. gLer
    Haha, nice. I just bought my first one, used but great condition. Even having the plastic rings replaced so it looks brand new (those paint chips - not good). Can tell you this for sure - I’ll never sell these for as long as I live. If I do I may as well give up using headphones.
  13. yates7592
    Interesting, you also have Auteur just like me. Do you plan on keeping both? I will (ha ha). Auteur is what I will use for 90% of my listening, smooth and relaxing. When I want to have a soundstage fix, that is when HD800 will cone out to play.
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  14. gLer
    Yes I’m definitely keeping both. The Auteur is my baby. I bought the HD800 as a complete contrast/complement and it’s perfect as that. Although I’m finding myself listening to the HD800 alsmost exclsuively for now. 10 years late to the party, I have lots to catch up on. I haven’t heard a sound so clear and so sweet and so spacious as this. It really is the best at what it does.
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  15. J Mirra
    I have just joined the party too, and it is one I will not be leaving, they are incredible.

    I thought they would be genre picky but no they sound fantastic with all genre's I throw at them.

    I tried gaming with them hooked up to the Astro MixAmp pro 2013 and thought they would sound flat and lifeless because of not enough power. I was wrong dam these are my music and gaming set now.

    I can hear enemy's behind walls with pin point accuracy, turning of folk 20 meters behind me etc. The Takstar Pro 82's were awesome but there is a new king in town for me.
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