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The New AEON 2: It's The End Of MrSpeakers

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 1, 2019.
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  1. MacMan31
    I'm curious to know what it is about the VIVO cable that does this --> "We're also now offering an upgrade option to select our super-premium VIVO cables, which offer a larger soundstage, smoother tone, improved ergonomics". How much of a larger soundstage and smoother tone are we talking about? What does this cable look like and how does it improve ergonomics?
  2. katulu
    I listened to the 1st Aeon closed once, and honestly did not like it. Sounded incredibly tinny. I wasn't the only one who thought that either. The graphs I saw for A2 seem a lot better. I did love the marshmallowy ear pads, comfort and design, but hopefully this version will be a lot better in sound.
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  3. Soundizer
    Have you finally decided to sell your headphones in the UK yet?
    If so will you sell via Amazon.co.uk?

    not sure why you have not sold in uk before. Have been available via a few unknown dealers at 50% higher price than usa.
    Not acceptable
  4. MattTCG
  5. FullBright1
    Seems like a worthy purchase......If you love them.
    If you don't, then according to Dan's website, its only a 5% restocking charge + shipping back on you = about $80 OBO to give them back.
    I really liked the original CFlow, but i also felt their Bass response was too lite.
    So, if this redesign solved that and polished the sound, then this gear should be a killer...:)
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2019
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  6. marcusd
  7. Rick T.
    I hope someone could compare the new AFC2 to the Massdrop Ether CX in terms of SQ....
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  8. Jwakeford
    The Ether CX was so broken this can only destroy it...
  9. Thaddy Contributor
    Looks very interesting. I recently got a pair of Aeon Flow C's and have been enjoying them in balanced mode with my WA22 and GS-X. People have mixed feelings about them, and I wonder if it takes a good bit of amplification to really make them shine?
  10. MrPanda
    Trying to figure out if I want open or closed! Congrats on the new company name!
  11. Soundizer
    Not available in uk and probably will not be
  12. Empyah
  13. musicday
    Most likely, next year. Electromod?
  14. marcusd
    It was actually sent to me by the team at Dan Clark Audio earlier in the week but the website has it at 13Ω now so will have to update it.
  15. bcowen
    Thanks a lot, Dan. Between you and Jason (Schiit), I'm never going to be able to retire. :stuck_out_tongue:

    Seriously, a pair of previously loved Alpha Primes are what got me going in HP listening to begin with. Been a 2-channel, big-rig guy for many years, but my first couple stabs at 'phones were big disappointments. The Alphas gave me faith. Then along came a pair of AFC's which I've enjoyed immensely for over a year. Now come the 2's which of course I *must* have. Sigh. I probably don't need any money when I retire anyway...there's always social security. :grin:
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