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The New AEON 2: It's The End Of MrSpeakers

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 1, 2019.
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  1. lentoviolento

    great!!!! i look forward to read your impressions!!!
  2. daltonlanny
    Hey Matt,
    Did you ever get the comparison between the closed and open version completed?
    If so, what are the sonic differences, advantages and disadvantages?
  3. MattTCG
    I'm going to need some more time. #1 I wanted to let the Open burn in over the course of the weekend. #2 I had lot's of family stuff to deal with this weekend. I'll get to it though, I promise.
  4. daltonlanny
    Ok. Thats cool.
    Looking forward to reading your impressions once you get the opportunity to compare them.
  5. Giraku
    I just received mine. I need to see how they sound after burning in. But I was immediately bummed by the fact that the nice-looking-compact case has no room for the cable just for the headphone. For portability, there should be a dedicated space for a cable IMHO.
  6. Dystasia
    Are you sure about that?

    Time 4:56.
  7. Dystasia
    Hey Matt,

    If you have the AFO1 could you compare them with the the AFO2 as well?

  8. Giraku
    Yes, I tried very hard but could not fit the cable inside. As you can see in the video, closing the lid is difficult. It can be done, but the metal parts of the cables can be pressed to the HP housing with high pressure (the case literally deforms to accommodate the cable, especially the center of the lid/cover) that may cause some scratching. Actually, by trying to put the cable, the front part of the housing of my Aeon 2 got scratched.
    Again, the case should have a dedicated space just for the cable without causing scratches.
  9. WayneWoondirts
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  10. Benno1988
    For those with both closed versions in their possession. Aeon and Aeon 2.

    I liked a lot about the Aeon, but found it a touch boring overall. Is the Aeon 2 going to leave me feeling the same?
  11. MattTCG
    Aeon 2 closed vs open
    (both of these headphone weight 325 grams for the record)

    The boys at DCA have figured out some kind of secret sauce with regard to sound stage. The a2c really impressed me with it's ability to sound very much like an open headphone. When I close my eyes and listen to a2c I get a very believable and open sound stage. This makes the a2c just what I'd been looking for, being a closed planar that works well as a portable/transportable. With good passive isolation and a little extra thump on the bottom end, the a2c rounds out my collection and fills a void nearly perfectly for what I was looking for in a closed headphone. It's true that both of these headphones scale up with better power and will need a strong DAP or portable amp to sound their best. The ifi idsd bl connected to my Galaxy phone works exceptionally well and makes for an impressive portable setup in my case.

    The Aeon 2 open while still maintaining a kinship with the a2c sonically, is a different beast altogether. Sound stage is even more impressive and is now clearly off the shoulder for width and the stage backs up a row or two giving a greater sense of the stage itself. When you really start to dig your teeth into the a2o, you'll notice a few things. This headphones tonal balance and fine detail retrieval is better than the closed version. Bass is tighter and doesn't have quite that "visceral" punch found on the closed version. But the extension is good and the texture of the bass notes are very well done. The transparency on the open can be jaw dropping particularly with high res recordings. Listening to Folk Singer: Muddy Waters (mfsl) was just stunningly good. I've heard this recording at least a couple hundred times, but a2o drew me in with it's ability to dig deep into the music and make it more believable.

    Vocals are slightly more fleshed out on the open vs closed version of Aeon 2. With the open I could hear more natural guttural sounds listening to kd Lang Hymn of the 48th Parallel. Vocal resonance seems a little more natural, and had better timbre and more detail. Transitions particularly from bass to mids is just so effortless and seamless on the Open version. Late last night, after having put a good 60 hours on the Open, I heard something that I've only heard a few times with headphones. While listening to some of my very best recordings, I began to hear the music in more of a holographic/3D format (no, I was not smoking anything). Spatially, the music presented itself in more of a 3D sense than a 2D "wall of sound." I've only ever heard this with a few other headphones, but more often with good speakers. This happened with the he90 (thanks @purk ) and with the ETHER 2. A2o is impressive but serves a somewhat difference audience than the closed version. There is something about the comfort of the teardrop shaped cups that just makes me say, "ahh" every time that I put them on. They are simply a pleasure to wear. And even as a self professed "lighter is better" headphone junkie, the new Aeon's at 325 grams are something that I can wear for hours with no fatigue.

    At the end of the day, there are few things about both of these headphones that stand for me. I think that the crew at DCA could have done less with both of these releases and still they would have been successful. Let me elaborate. The a2c is one of the very best closed headphones I've heard. I feel that the performance of the a2c, in some ways is more impressive than EFC which robs some sales from a more expensive product. I feel like NOTHING was held back with these two products, even at the risk of cannibalizing a more expensive product from their own company. I don't see that this is a small incremental update to the original at all. In fact, when I look at the big picture, I think that the bar for sub $1k headphones is raised with these two releases.
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  12. MrCypruz
    Thanks for the comparison and your impressions on the new Aeon 2. The quoted statement was exactly my thought when I first heard my A2c. Now that they’re fully burned in and with an upgraded cable, while listening to them on my desktop rig - Phonitor X HeadAmp and Dave+MScaler source, I usually find myself taking them off and asking how in the world they’re closed back headphones that cost less than $1k, simply jaw dropping stage, timbre, tonality and detail retrieval for less than $1k these days, based on the current market pricing trends....this was a major accomplishment by DCA team. I think that they’re going to be the champions sub $1k headphones for a while and to my ears, they can compete with some of the big boys at significant higher levels and beat some (both open and closed back design) at $3k league.

    PS. I’m way past the new toy syndrome phase, they’re legit good to my ears.
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  13. FullBright1
    What do you mean by "a little extra thump on the low end".
    Consider that you are talking to many who do not like a bass response that is not balanced, regarding the other frequencies.
    So, are you saying that the A2C are a bit bass boosted?
    I can't quite relate to a "natural and accurate" bass response as being "extra thump".

  14. ls13coco
    Have you heard the Ether Flow 1.1 as well? Very curious to see impressions of the 1.1 vs the AFO2.
    Thanks for your impressions above, sounds very intriguing.
  15. MattTCG
    I owned ether flow 1.1 from launch. For me, I'd take the Aeon 2 open over that headphone. Aeon 2 open is more comfortable, has a little better over tonality and it cost less. I think also Aeon 2 open fits my personal preference better as well.
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