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The New AEON 2: It's The End Of MrSpeakers

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 1, 2019.
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  1. qsk78
    Exactly. That was my question some posts earlier in this thread if any real portable HP are on the horizon.
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  2. MuZo2
    I guess you also need new headfi name ?
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  3. roskodan
    Yeah, there's much more to it than just the "MOARPOWER!!!" factor :deadhorse:. Lets not forget output impedance too, as well as one's brain needing some time to reset, going from one sound signature to another. Like Dan Clark said, very music genre and subjective preference dependent.

    Sometimes it's more about some kind of performance anxiety, rather than actually not sounding good enough from a smaller device.
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  4. Wes S
    Advice taken, and thanks!
  5. Jwakeford
    Hey what are your thoughts on the Z1R ? Are you happy with them ?
    I just ordered
  6. chimney189
    I had a similar situation when I purchased the Abyss Diana V2.. a hard-to-drive headphone, but I was able to stack it with my FiiO A5 and I found that the sound quality was worth the extra bulk in my coat pocket. :p
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  7. MacMan31
    Yeah perhaps that is true. I'm already trying to justify spending over $1,000 on a pair of headphones. Haha. My Focal Elex is the most I've spent on a headphone yet. I wish they were a bit lighter and therefore more comfortable but they sound great. I'm still very curious about these new Aeon Flow. I most likely would get the open as I had the previous closed and felt a little claustrophobic. Perhaps I'm just too used to open headphones now. But I wonder if it's really worth paying an extra $200 for the VIVO cable? :thinking: Also I noticed the old Mr. Speakers website is still active.
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  8. trellus
    I'm actually a fan of the color of the new Aeon 2; it's a tasteful red tone and also serves a highly useful function of differentiating them easily at a glance visually from the first generation Aeon models, without resorting to folding them up, since that's the only other major difference visually between the generations.
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  9. Baten
    I would have liked an all-block Aeon but maybe that's just me.. :D
  10. MattTCG
    I like the claret red and find it classy. Goes back to the roots of the company. In a crazy world where I could have things like I want, I'd love to see a full carbon fiber ALA a mini ETHER C cup. No paint, just carbon fiber baby! Now you know that would be sexy.
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  11. lentoviolento
    What about usual tuning with black and white filters/notches..? Honestly i am not a fan. I would prefer a good to go hp out of the box without a/b/cing different tuning pads.
    Also, i found the first aoen open quite harsh and sibilant, the "sss" in certain tracka were unbereable. I could buy it just to try it if these aspects were improved.. Someone had listened to it?
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  12. MattTCG
    I find these good to go out of the box and need no pads for tuning. But we all have our preferences.
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  13. roskodan
    Still, reds do have that shouty, take notice, look at me connotation. Great at avoiding incidents I guess. :octagonal_sign:
  14. flarex3
    Since you really like the Aeon 2C can you answer these questions? Thanks for your time.

    1) What source gear do you use? Portable ones would mean more for us than the destkop ones.
    2) How would you describe the sound of the A2C ? Warm, natural or bright?
    3) This headphone sounds laid back- relaxed or aggresive-energetic ?
    4) Can you compare A2C to AFC ? I would appreciate a detailed comparision instead of "A2C simply better"
    5) Maybe you've already posted, comparisions to similarly priced closed backs? Comparision to Focal Elegia?
    6) What music genres sound good, mediocre and bad?
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  15. roskodan
    @flarex3 same for you tho. Since you have such strong impressions about the new Aeon 2, it would be really helpful if you answered the same questions, especially under No.1. What was your chain you were evaluating the Aeon 2 with.
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