The Naming Rules of FiiO Earphones

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  1. FiiO

    Up till now, FiiO had already been in the earphones industry for more than 2 years. During the time, we’ve experienced and learned a lot which made us who we are today.

    With more and more earphones come out, hereby we would renew the naming rules starting with two letters for any new model later than the F9 PRO as follows:

    ※ FA: Stands for Balanced Armature earphones; the coming FA7 will be FiiO’s first Quad Balanced Armature IEMs.
    ※ FH: Stands for Hybrid (Dynamic and Balanced Armature) earphones; such as the FH1 (1D+1BA) and FH5 (1D+3BAs).
    ※ FD: Stands for Dynamic earphones; the earlier F1, F3 and F5 are dynamic earphones, any future models will name after the FD.
    ※ FB: Stands for Bluetooth earphones; such as the FB1.
    ※ FT: Stands for True wireless stereo earphones.
    ※ FC: Stands for Custom earphones.

    The naming rules above cover all the current earphones lineup, with which we hope to make it easier for you to know better of our products. We will also keep you updated if there are any future exceptions or new lineups.

    Best Regards
    FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
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  2. bait oven
    Thanks for the clarification!
    Is there any new 'FD' dynamic driver iem coming soon? Also when is the FA7 going to be released?
    Keep up your low cost and high performance ethics!!!
  3. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    We have plan about that but the engineers are still developing them.

    Best regards
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  4. takeitblue
    I think this naming alone is maybe good for technicians and audio engineers but not for normal users. What is important from an average user perspective is not a build and architecture, but how an earphone really sounds and performs - while it does not mean that if it's the FH or FD it would be that what you're expecting and looking for in terms of sound.
    So, you should name earphones also per sound signature and timbre of the sound it reproduces, considering especially this two basic criteria

    M - musical
    A - analytical
    W - warm
    N - neutral

    But of course you could combine your technical/build naming with the sound signature mark and maybe that would be a perfect solution:

    e.g. FAxA, FHxM, FAxN, FHxW (x - stands for model number)

    This could help both users and sellers, limiting returns in Europe due to audio preferences mismatch
  5. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    However, warm or neutral may be different to different users. We may not consider about that currently. Thanks for your feedback.

    Best regards
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