The most comfortable pads...
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Jul 7, 2009
What are the most comfortable pads for your full-size headphones?

I plan to do a MS-1 pad mod, so I'm looking for recommendations. And a place to buy them.

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Beyerdynamic velour or leather earpads are the most comfortable IMO. Along with the AKG K601 earpads.
The Sony XB pads were a disappointment, because the room for the ear is not that big as you would think. They are deep, but not wide.
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I just got the new GMP pads and I'm totally blown away! Looks like they fit the K-240 series and the Beyer DT 770/880/990. They also fit my Fostex T-20, and maybe there are more hps that the GMP pads can fit that I'm not aware of.

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Originally Posted by RallyMaster /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I like the long Comply tips on my Westone.

Westone full-size headphone...?
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how would you put the beyer pads on the MS-1?
V9 Grado C-Pads, Grado Pads
^^ this? that's more than what i paid for my headphones. lol

This is why I wanted to make it. Velour pads are 35, so I don't want to pay 95 just for the wood. I could probably make this (even with bad woodworking) for about 40-50, depending on what wood I get.

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Originally Posted by krmathis /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I find the Stax SR-007 pads to be über comfortable.
Fully circumaural, soft lamb leather, soft filling, ...

They can be bought here: Audio Cubes II - High Fidelity Audio Products

Thanks for that link, but I don't want to spend 130 JUST for the pads. I'm going to have to spend more to connect it to the MS-1's. They do look nice though

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