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The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

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  1. machete
    It'll take some time to really get a proper impression, but so far quality definitely surpasses their price.
    Right side is a little weak, but that might just take some breaking in. The mids are muddy and the lows are a bit anemic (they seem to over-modulate a bit as well) - hopefully those issues too will improve with time. If I had paid $50 for these I'd probably be disappointed, but for the price I can't complain much. An absolute upgrade over, say, iPhone earbuds in terms of sound (no mic or controls, of course). Also, the microphonics issue isn't gone completely in the new pair... They're not very comfortable but they're fine for short (<2 hours) listening sessions. 
    Bottom line: they're worthy of their hype on price alone. In the under-$20 category, they're a solid pick. But I don't see them beating more serious options.
  2. anduril

    If we're talking about surpassing the price, get yourself some KZ EDSE for roughly the same cost.
    You will get a HUGE improvement at least with the lows and the build quality :wink:
  3. Tenetgg

    That's amazing. Definitely trying that with some heat shrink tubing. 
    Use these daily on the subway/bus ride with slightly modified tips. 
  4. markanini
    Got my 9927 today. Not as exciting as Sony MH1 or LG Quadbeat 2 but a more balanced response than either. I think I have a new favorite this price segment.[​IMG]
  5. markanini
    How about that bass impact!? It reminds me of my Creative Aurvana Live!. It's as if your entire eardrum in moving on in sync with every kick drum hit. Not all IEMs and headphones have this, it really adds enjoyment to the listening experience and bears more resemblance how it sounds on speakers.
    The more I listen the more I hear the coloration in the upper mids unfortunately. At least it's coloration and not strident, harsh or grating.
  6. bonami2
    Got 1 pair of 8320 todays

    Lack of bass for sure but the mid high are clearly there and make it pretty good for vocal and stuff

    Listened to the m9p after make me realise vocal seem behind and the bass is brutal

    The jvc xx the small black one with killing treble sound like crap compared to both

    Still need to see the soundstage. M9p vs 8320

    The new m9 classic have smaller casing so i may try them
  7. Ruben123
    They're my goto pair for almost 2 years now. Right now I'm listening to Bob Dylan and they are so good at representing that kind of music. And that at $7... Well $14 for me but still... !!!
  8. BloodyPenguin Contributor
  9. Ruben123
    Have to say I use mine less and less....... KZ ED9 and HDS1 are really good, if not better than MP8320.
  10. r00t61
    I ordered a pair of the 8320 along with another Monoprice offering, the 9396 (http://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=108&cp_id=10823&cs_id=1082303&p_id=9396&seq=1&format=2).
    I found the 8320s too large and "conch-shell"-like to fit in my ear comfortably, no matter what tip I tried.  They also had a tendency to work loose whenever I moved my head - super annoying.  At eight bucks it's not worth it to return them so I'll stick them in my elephant's graveyard shoebox of earphones that might be useful during the apocalypse.
    I much preferred the 9396, the fit was nicer and they stayed in my ear, even when I was moving around at the gym.  They'll replace my old Sony earbuds that finally died. 
    They're actually cheaper than the 8320 by about fifty cents, too.  That's at least good enough for a can of soda from the vending machine.
  11. Tom22
    where are you getting a can of soda for 50 cents!
    this does not exist in Canada!!!!!
    I forgot how the 8320 sounded but the fit is terrible, I had to sand the edges of my pair when I had it,
    it looked soo bad
  12. jaejw1
    Has anyone tried buying those custom silicone tips from ACS? http://www.acscustom.com/us/index.php/in-ear-monitors/custom-earphone-sleeves

    It seems that everyone complains about the fit and seal. It seems that this may be a solution, although pricey im sure they could be used for other earphones...
  13. Ruben123
    Anyone found an IEM in China (Aliexpress/eBay) that sounds like the Monoprices? At a price of around $8-12?
  14. Tom22
    it would be difficult at that price range as the monoprice despite the drop in hype is quite remarkable sounding at its price
    whatsholding it back is its ergonomics (i a lot of people couldn't fidn a good comfortable fit with them)
    myself in clmded i need to shave down some of the fins on the botton
  15. Hatmann
    The 9396 is my backup in my gym bag. (Backup to my Koss KSC-75s. These are hard to beat for connecting to TVs at the gym.)
    The 9396s also make a great gift to non-audiophile friends - or gym buddies who forget their own phones.
    I'm still waiting for reviews of the Monoprice 14456 -- the new, dual driver earphones with microphone at $19.99:
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