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The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

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  1. JonnyRocket
    I started listening to mine again after I broke the stem off my ie8s and blew a driver on my MT Pro Golds. I'm using these on my jailbroken iPhone 6 plus using the Cydia tweet Equalizer Everywhere, which puts a 10 band EQ plus pre amp in the control center. Love these with the extra bass from the EQ.
  2. SleathX1
    I feel like I need to add something to what I said earlier. When you're on the go or if there is any other noise in the area, then lots of things get washed out. Low bass is the most noticable loss of sound, so things like bass drum kicks or something like the bass line in a rap or dubstep song will go unheard or muffled pretty badly. This gets worse with the stock tips, but with Complys it's not that bad.
    Sadly on the go is what IEMs like this are for (in my opinion), so it's worth me saying this. Keep in mind that these are only $7 so I can't complain at all, and I still love these!  [​IMG]
  3. pshaww
    I've been using these all the time for stage monitoring. I'm not a huge fan of how the cable can 'kink' or get a fairly permanent crease, but if wound up in a case similar to what Shure IEM's come in, it will not happen.
    I modded these at week 2 or 3 of ownership with two paperclips and masking tape. Although it is pretty ugly, it is functional and works great, and they stay on my head when I'm on stage. I can monitor bass, drums, keys, guitars, vox and still clearly hear each. 
    For ~$8, these can't be beat. The only thing close that I like are the Sony MDR earbuds for less than $25. Price point aside, these Monoprice 8320 buds sound better.
    WP_20150323_19_03_06_Pro.jpg    WP_20150323_19_00_45_Pro.jpg
  4. Tom22

    Immore surprised that you were able to use these on stage. In terms of sound, i can howthey can be used as budget budget monitors.

    But these things dont isolate much at all. You must've had to crank theses things up for that
  5. machete
    I really wanted to like these (MP8320). but I have found them completely unusable. All I hear is the sound of my clothes rubbing against the cord. Even soft breathing moves the cord enough to make noise. And since they kink and retain bends so easily, there's always some section of cord that's pushing against something.
    Am I the only one with this issue?
  6. Wokei

    Me solution to the cable...Cheers

    Edited...file down all the sharp edges and paint them over with black and silver...
  7. anduril
    Are you wearing them over-the-ear? I have zero problems with microphonics that way.
  8. machete
    I am, and no dice for me. I mean, they're utterly unusable because of the microphonics. At least I didn't spend a lot of money on them, I suppose...
  9. anduril
    And you have the ones with nylon-sheeted cable? Really strange.
  10. machete
    Yup. Considering how happy everyone else is with theirs, I'm willing to concede that I just got a dud...
  11. HAMS

    Is this your first IEM? if so that would explain why, IEM's generally more microphonics than earbud, I suspect it first if your music volume is too low then all you hear is microphonics...
  12. Nintendo Maniac
    On the contrary, those have much worse microphonics than the white 9963s and the pink 9960s, both of which have a rubberized cord.
    (I own both the black 9927s and white 9963s and greatly prefer the latter)
  13. anduril
    Still, my cable sheeting is already coming apart in many places, so I will just recable them with some Bluedio BT set. should take care of microphonics :wink:
  14. machete
    Well, because they're cheap and no one else seemed to have the microponics issue (and I was already buying some cables from Monoprice), I bought a second pair which arrived today.
    These are nowhere near as problematic as the first pair. Difference is night and day. I guess the first one was defective somehow... 
  15. Ruben123
    How do you like them?
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