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The Mighty Woo Audio WA-5 (Black) w/tubes

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  1. LiqTenExp
    For Sale
    I have for sale probably one of the slickest amps available to drive 4-pin XLR headphones, Speakers, and 1/4" headphones. It is in great condition and has no major/minor flaws. Anyone who as at the NJ Meet got to hear it (it is Wedges). It will come with the following tube compliment (not as pictured):
    Rectifier Tubes:
    NOS Tung-Sol 5U4BG x2
    Driver Tubes:
    NOS GE 6SN7GTA x 2
    Power Tubes:
    Shuguang 300B x2
    The unit is maxed out from Woo Audio and includes the following factory options.  
    Premium Parts Upgrade Package ($1100.00)
    Teflon Tube Socket Upgrade ($150.00)
    Stock Price = $3150.00 
    Total with upgrades as purchased = $4400.00
    I would like to try this as a local pickup first, then move on to shipping it unless someone wants it shipped.  I have 1 of 2 of the original box and may be able to order the other box from Jack if the buyer wants it shipped in it.  Price includes paypal.
  2. LiqTenExp
    more pictures added.
  3. LiqTenExp
    Still looking to sell.
  4. LiqTenExp
    price lowered 100.00, would prefer to sell locally due to weight/size
  5. RedBull
    It looks REALLY great in black!!!
  6. LiqTenExp
  7. michaelmoon
    It's beautiful. Bump for the sale
  8. LiqTenExp
    price lowered another 100.00
  9. LiqTenExp
    price now includes paypal fees!
  10. LiqTenExp
    Anyone interested?
  11. LiqTenExp
    Like new condition but 32% off, how could you lose?
  12. Yitaro
    Great looking amp.   Too bad it's so heavy to ship! 
  13. LiqTenExp
    I will ship but the cost is high, about $75.00 a box (2 boxes) FedEx Ground CONUS.
  14. LiqTenExp
    getting ready for its new owner....
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