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The Member-Judged Fine Art Head-Fi Gallery

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  1. prosperone

    Hey Mike,
    Thanks - I was happy with it!  Its 85mm 1.4 and yes big sensor at about 1/125th, natural light.  Haven't managed to pickup a lensbaby, but people really seem to have a lot of fun with them (and get nice results).  I like the idea of this thread.  Nice work.
  2. woodcans
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  3. zackzack
  4. zilch0md
    Oh wow - that's probably an expensive lens.  Thanks for the info and the compliment.  I'm enjoying everyone's participation, for sure.
  5. zilch0md
    @woodcans - Your backgrounds blow me away. And like all good magicians, I've noticed that you never tell!  
  6. prosperone

    Hey Mike,
    I'm of the belief that most things can be shot with one or maybe two lenses (unless you are shooting sports or wildlife).  I shoot almost everything with a 24mm and perhaps 20% with the 85.  Thats it.  If I can't get it with those, then I won't be the guy getting it. My ideal is to shoot with just one lense (the 24).  Unlike headphones, at least with lenses you know its either right or its not, and can call it a day.
  7. zilch0md
    I like primes, too.  If I had to stick with two only two FLs, I have to agree, I think I'd end up with 24 and 85.   And now, back to our regular program...  [​IMG]
  8. woodcans
  9. knights
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  10. zilch0md
    That's too much!   I don't even want to know how you did that - the mystery makes it all the better!
  11. zilch0md
    That looks like a platinum print!  It's not neutral - the tones are perfect, knights!
  12. bluemonkeyflyer
    Wow! All your shots are beautiful works of Art.
  13. zilch0md
    Yes.  In a word, I would describe Woodcan's last post as "painterly."   He has depicted another world in that photograph.
  14. woodcans

    Thank you!!
  15. zilch0md
    You are so welcome, Woodcans.  
    This is like reading a good book - no where near the last page.
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