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The Member-Judged Fine Art Head-Fi Gallery

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  1. hemipowered007
    I am still new to photography, very new. But here is a shot i took of my freshly painted (by another HF member here) T50rp.
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  2. hemipowered007
    OOPs, double post deleted, head-fi is acting funny right now on my pc, sorry
  3. ninjapirate9901
    MickeyVee, H20Fidelity and DJScope like this.
  4. woodcans
    ^ Your earth tone 'phones, contrasted with your vivid cables make for some awesome photos!
  5. zilch0md
    Yeah!  You're posting some good stuff ninjapirate!
  6. hemipowered007
    The contrast is awesome ninjapirate, I've been spending time going through pics on this thread, I am amazed at the skills some of you have. Very cool thread, thanks zilch0md for the invite!
  7. zilch0md
    Hey, thanks for posting your shot above! 
  8. ninjapirate9901
    Thanks guys! Every now and then I'll get a lucky shot :)
  9. kaixax555
    I tried...
  10. zilch0md
    ^ Oooh, that has a low-key smokiness that I really like.
  11. hsubox
    Here are a couple of mine that Jonathan Grado has been nice enough to retweet and refacebook and re-everything out onto the internets for me from the official Grado accounts :D
  12. CJs06
    Indeed, I saw these on twitter and I got the urge again to grab some reference Grados :p
  13. Loquah
    Both are great, but I particularly like the top one
  14. hsubox
    Cool! You should... they're fantastic. :D
  15. nicolasete
    Well, by popular acclaim:
    I might very well be the Picasso of this thread.
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