The "Lovely Cube" Headphone Amp (Lehmann Black Cube Linear Clone)

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  1. mikaelmark
    As I suppose you´re amp is functionally working already; What kind of cap´s do you have in it now for those six?
  2. leeperry
  3. leeperry
    Cool, FR's should make for a nice SQ improvement hopefully?
  4. mikaelmark
    Panasonic/Matsu****a are generally of good quality, also their low budget consumer Electronic Equipment, with good spec´s and long life span.

    But of course, as the FR´s are the upgraded model in their highly regarded FC and FM family, they should be among the best! Please report back with your experices if you decide to go with the FR.

    For the OpAmp, please take a look at the Burson V6 Vivid or Classic, a few pages back in this forum thread. I´ve bought four Vivid after they were newly arrived this summer, and they should be the best in the world - at a cost of 130$. The sound are phonemenal, in both amp´s and DAC´s!
  5. leeperry
    I'll be rolling FR's within 10 days and 1622 outputs 145mA, nothing touches it IME and yes I've heard Burson V5.
  6. penmarker
    Currently I got the V5 in my unit, and it sounds good. However since its a discrete opamp inside a plastic case, it does has a temp limit. I read somewhere it was supposed to be 50 celcius.
  7. mikaelmark
    Yes, I read claims about the temp. problems for the V5 and remember some user told about there was an upgraded version of the V5 to handle heat better, but at the cost of sound quality (read 37mil´s post)

    V6 has ventilation holes at the top and when I inserted it in my small DAC, I had to cut a hole in the enclosure to make it fit, and this also let the V6 "breath" more.
  8. leeperry
  9. mikaelmark
    I had take a look at this earlier also, but honestly - I don´t believe it´s worth the price.

    And don´t forget the horizontal size: 25x32 mm (1inch x 1 1/4 inch). It´s huge!
  10. leeperry
    price went bonkers after I ordered, I got it for $17 shipped.

    should fit, we'll see but it won't beat 1622 anyway.
  11. mikaelmark
    The LBC amp have a 100 Ohm resistor and a small cap between the signal earth and chassi earth, but not all consumer Equipment are using this technology, especially low and mid buget HiFi.

    In my setup, only the DAC are earthed/grounded, and everything connected to it will be grounded by RCA Interconnect cables, but is this enough, or should I connect separate grounding cables from all the equipment (such as receiver) to the DAC?

    As far as I know, it is not a good idea to ground all equipment by their own as this can create grounding issues.
  12. leeperry
    Obviously the RCA cables common ground is sufficient to avoid ground-loops so I'm not sure what you're after?

    Anyway, I just rolled those 63V 470uF FR caps and I'd venture saying that sonic improvement was well worth the $7 as in more detailed, more bass at low volume and louder center channel. VR's heatsinks aren't getting any warmer either, happy camper here :)

    I'm not sure if that's how ESR works but anyway I think those caps are indeed faster in the way that nothing gets blurred, not going back to stock 16V cheapies :D
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  13. mikaelmark
    Really nice to hear about your improvent with the FR´s!

    About the grounding; yes, that´s what I meant - ground loop. To avoid that, I have connected wires from different Equipment to the Power supply chassi of the DAC, that is grounded to the wall outlet. But grounding the Active sub woofer was not good, as this introduces constantly humming.

    But as you already stated; Mabye the Interconnect´s will do the job. What I´m afraid of is that EMI and EMF from the chassis will pass the same way as the signal, and I assume that´s why a 100 Ohm resistor and a cap are used - but I do not have this in my Yamaha RX-V771 receiver.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  14. leeperry
    First day with those FR caps was a little edgy yet very bassy but now it's pure bliss :)

    RCA cables ground will definitely share all grounds between your audio devices.
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