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THE LIST! a list of the most expensive fullsized headphones on the market

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by 12lior12, Jan 12, 2019.
  1. lambdastorm
    Impressive list. You forgot ERGO AMT though, they’re just as unique as the TakeT and its treble is on par with the best tweeters in da wide world.
    12lior12 likes this.
  2. 12lior12
    Wow great find dude did not know about their existence! I have to say they're real ugly hopfully they don't Sound as they look. Have you heard them?
  3. 12lior12
    THE LIST! now consists of 110 headphones! i've added some new headphones by HIFIMAN and special editions of Astell&Kern with Beyerdynamic so now beyerdynamic are also in THE LIST!
    once again hope you enjoy and have a nice one!
  4. Whazzzup
    My spheres seems interesting
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  5. Selfish Android
    Look at all these headphones i cannot buy! thank you for making me extremely curious of some of those.
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  6. seeteeyou
    Final Audio Design MURAMASA VIII $8,000 (discontinued)

    Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Complete $7,995

    Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Deluxe $5,995

    Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Lite $4,995

    ONKYO SN-1(BR) JP¥362,880

    Perun Electrostatic Headphone $1,200
  7. Anaz
    Focal Stellia $2,999
  8. SHAMuuu
  9. 12lior12
    thx for your comments i've added all of the headphones you suggested! we reached 117 headphones!!!!
  10. Roderick
    Clarion ZH700FF $1550
  11. 12lior12
    Thare are 2 New beyer hp in the List thanks to a&k colab with beyer.
  12. 12lior12
    I've added them to the list. Digital headphones?! They probley just got a built in dac and claim they've invented something New lol
  13. GREQ
    More importantly, they do claim to have designed a new type of 'edgeless, damperless' driver for this headphone, but there's almost zero information about it anywhere.
  14. 12lior12
    I'd like to hear from some one who've heard them. But Till then thay are a mystery to me and make ridiculous claims.
  15. Mad Max
    I'm pretty sure ATH-W5000 doesn't go for $1200. Never did. Doesn't belong on the list at all.

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