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"The Lab"

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  1. Mr Trev
    Have been watching a bit of the World Cup. Loved playing rugby back in the day. I'd always get killed because I'm a little guy, but it always was fun for some masochistic reason (kinda like the games of Aztec Death Raquetball we used to play - I swear I still have bruises from that.)
  2. Brooko Contributor
    The rugby this year has been really interesting! All Blacks looking a little shaky in the pools, South Africa going down to Japan, and then England out. Going to be very interesting when we get to the knockout stages.
  3. RedJohn456
    Man anyone catch the microsoft conference yesterday? They come out of nowhere and BAM the surface book pro. only windows laptop ever to tempt me to switch from mac. Microsoft bringing their A game. Their phones look dope too
  4. Podster

    Nice Mr. T, I play 6 hours of ADR a week and man my knees feel it every morning after[​IMG] Indeed Rugby is for real men (slightly crazy ones) but real men none the less[​IMG]
  5. The Dan of Steel
    Yes! I use the original Surface Pro and a Hackintosh at home. I've had the Lumia 520 in the past too. For a bottom rung phone it was still great. I'm not necessarily brand loyal. I've had iPhones, Windows Phones, and currently a G3. Pretty exciting times. I think the Surface Book may be my next PC.
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    Well, Leo and Andy spent the first segment of MacBreak Weekly drooling over the Microsoft announcement, so I'm going to have to check it out when I've got time. The laptop / tablet hybrid sounds cool, but I just can't see getting a Windows phone at this point - such a lack of third party app developers...
  7. RedJohn456
    I went from an iPhone 4 to Blackberry Bold 9900 to Blackberry Z10 to my current Z30. Used mac mostly since 2006 except for a small stint with an HP Probook 5310m, but am happily back on a macbook pro. 
    I had ZERO interest in microsoft products till I saw the presentation. They out appled apple this time around. How they revealed the Surface pro was nothing short of amazing. I liked how everything wasn't leaked beforehand.
    I need to upgrade my phone and I think I am going android this time around. 
    This will be my new phone:
    Thats high praise considering that they are huge apple fans. The new hardware looks top shelf, and I might get the Surface Book 2 when its time for me to upgrade :p
  8. nmatheis Contributor
    Is that the new Android Blackberry you were telling me about? Does it really have a hardware keyboard?
  9. RedJohn456

    yup the BlackBerry Priv. It has a slide out keyboard. So you can technically never use the keyboard and just use it like a regular touch screen. And thankfully they decided to go wth a normal usb port and placed it at the bottom. With my Z30 its on the side of the device so its a pain to connect it to the E17. 
    Just look at how thin the new BlackBerry Phone is :wink:
    priv_profilea_closed.jpg priv_profilea_open.jpg
  10. Mr Trev
    If they can ever get their phones to run the full desktop version of windows, then I'll get on board.
  11. RedJohn456

    The new lumias are running Windows 10 iirc.
    Here is the event: http://www.microsoft.com/october2015event/en-us/live-event
  12. hakushondaimao
    Played Hooker as a kid in South Africa. Smallest kid on my team, but similar to you Trev, a masochistic streak.
    Always have mixed allegiances with World Cups. Grew up in South Africa. 12 years in Japan. British subject and lived in England 4 years. Now in Canada. Deep down I'm always pulling for the Boks, but loved the Japanese win. Yes, knockouts will be interesting.
  13. hakushondaimao

    How's the audio? Expandable memory?
  14. RedJohn456

    it was just recently announced in response to all the leaks so all the specs aren't known just yet but the Z30 and Z10 had good audio. And yes to expandable memory :)
    edit: http://www.gsmarena.com/blackberry_priv-7587.php
  15. hakushondaimao
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