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"The Lab"

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  1. Wyville
    It is, isn't it?! I heard rumours about this place though...
  2. Light - Man
    I hereby declare the Lab closed..........................................

  3. boblauer
    Yep time to call in the dogs and piss on the fire!

    Anyone ever hear from Vince? His little one should be motoring all over the place by now.

    Anyway was nice to see 2 notifications from the lab in one week.
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  4. Wyville
    Such a shame! I was just getting to know this place.
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  5. Light - Man
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  6. RedJohn456
  7. Baycode
    Ok, I admit, I am not really very active on head-fi for a long period of time. And what I see, the Labsters thread is flat... What am I going to do with Labster badge on my signature now?
    Should I put a link to the comparative review here? Anyone interested in Vintage AKG Comparisons! Including: K400, K340, K240 Sextett ?
    Anyone here???

    Lets put some full sized vintage AKG porn here :beyersmile::beerchug:
    Vintage AKG Comparisons by Baycode (11).jpg Vintage AKG Comparisons by Baycode (21).jpg Vintage AKG Comparisons by Baycode (22).jpg Vintage AKG Comparisons by Baycode (23).jpg Vintage AKG Comparisons by Baycode (24).jpg
  8. Light - Man
  9. mochill
    IMG_20190518_202728_930.jpg 20190517_165323.jpg ill just post this here
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  10. peter123
  11. Mr Trev
    What are they? How do they sound? Inquiring minds want to know…

    Never did catch if you posted any impressions on those Alaras I see in your sig. Any good?
  12. peter123
    It's the Senfer MT100 that I bought after talking to Tai about after I spotted some very favorable comments from him about them. I just got them a couple of days ago before leaving for a business trip to Shanghai and although I've got them with me I've got a very limited amount of sources and especially tips available here so I won't say too much yet. I can understand that he likes them though as I find the sound so far to remind me quite a bit of what I associate with my (limited) experience with earbuds. It does also sound more like a open pair of headphones than most IEM's that I've tried. Sound seems to be a bit on the thin side without feeling bright (lacking some bass impact), think Havi B3P1 bass quantity if you're familiar with them (this is from memory though) but that might be due wrong tips.

    I'll be back home this weekend so I'll do some more tip rolling and comparison then and share it here.

    Regarding the Alara they're very pleasant imo with a easy going signature that's slightly on the warm side and shouldn't offend anyone in any way (no listening fatigue whatsoever). They do lack some detail, soundstage and resolution compared to the HD800S and HE560 but still hold a spot among my 4 most used headphones (the two above mentioned and Onkyo A800) which I must say is pretty impressive for the price.
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
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  13. dockie7
    is it bluetooth 5.0 already? Price?
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