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"The Lab"

  1. peter123
  2. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Aune S6 review:
  3. HiFiChris Contributor
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  4. Hisoundfi Contributor
    A lot of reviewers are posting links to their reviews on the Lab (much appreciated). Aside from the reviews, I think it would be good for the thread to post what reviews you are working on currently. This would be a great thread for sharing initial impressions and photos.

    I'll post some stuff later this afternoon. I have some sweet stuff coming up.

  5. Cinder
    Yeah, I agree. I've currently got a lot on my plate, as for whatever reason companies love to send me a swathe of units right around when my university starts to issue finals.
    Reviews I'm currently working on:
    Aedle OSD-1: Luxury meets Hi-Fi. Its a good blend of the two, but given the fact that this is the first IEM form Aedle, there are some minor kinks to be worked out.
    Rose Mini2: My new go-to portable IEM. It is tiny, and can be stored is really small cases, something I value a lot. It's got fantastic detail retrieval and is a great example of how you should do a two-BA IEM.
  6. B9Scrambler
    That's an awesome idea, and a good way to revive the Lab. Here's some of what I've got in the works at the moment;
    Fischer Audio Paco: Combine the Brainwavz Jive and Accutone Lyra and shrink them down into a tiny Russian terror and that's the Paco. These three earphones sound so similar and are so competitive with each other, it's nigh impossible for me to decide which I like more.
    Fischer Audio Dubliz Enhanced: These are turning out to be one of my favorite earphones, regardless of price. I love the design, the two included cables are a little on the thin side but feel quite nice, and the sound! Oh man, they are pretty sweet. Was discussing them in a PM a while back and these were my thoughts;
    "Really clean, forward midrange backed by some thumping, deep bass. Treble is tight and crisp. Really dynamic soundstage too. I'd take these over any of the similarly priced hybrids I've heard in the last year, easy."
    I excited to get through some of my queue so I can finally spend some quality time with these. 
    Random DIY Earbuds: I posted a bit about these on the earbud thread, but dude, they're nice. I'm questioning whether the housings are actually aluminum as advertised, but I really don't care. The sound quality is fantastic. The level of detail and clarity they output is mighty impressive for a 13 CAD product. Treble was a little peaky at first but seemed to settle down after I spent a night testing how well they take bass boost (very well btw). Speaking of bass, they're the most sub-bass heavy earbud I've tried. It's a pleasant change from what I was hearing from the Monk, MX470, and VSD3P. Their 16mm drivers mean the housings have some serious girth to them and as such they simply won't fit some users (my wife for one), but they're perfect for me. The stiff, noisy cable is really my only complaint, but the chin cinch does a good job negating that problem. Not sure if I'll review these here since they're a DIY, but something will definitely be added to my blog.
    MEMT X5: These things are getting all sorts of hype in the Chinese thread at the moment, and @crabdog posted a great review of them. If you haven't already, check it out. I think they're a good earphone and well worth the cost, I just don't get the hype. While they have awesome sub-bass extension, especially for a micro-driver, there's too much mid-bass present which bleeds a touch into some overly recessed mids. Vocals just sit too far back in the mix. Treble is well done with good extension and presence. No sibilance, no edginess. Surprisingly easy to listen to. Their presentation is very heavy and thick to my ears though, and that takes away from soundstage and separation. Their sensitivity to tips and insertion depth is also annoying as heck.
    FCL 8S: Mmmmmmm.....delicious. That is all.
  7. crabdog
    Okay I'll join the party here. Am away from home on the mobile so no pics but I've got a few things underway :

    Acoustic Research M20 Android based DAP
    MEMT X6, x7
    Thinksound On2, ms02
    Phatlab Sassy2 (keep an eye out for the upcoming NA tour)
    Mrobo C5 2.0 DAP

    Shizzle I'd better get cracking over the weekend!
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  8. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Guys, these are some really good bluetooth headphones!
  9. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Well, in terms of upcoming reviews, I have a decent sized queue due to the break I had to take. However, I have a pretty exciting lineup coming up. 
    Going to be reviewing the FLC 8S. I'm not a fan of the tiny tuning filters or the stiff cable. However, the sound quality is out of this world good.
    Also, I'll be reviewing the Oriveti Basic. Its a bass forward single dynamic that sounds pretty decent. I love the fit. 
    After that, I'll be covering the iFi iCan Pro. The thing is built like a tank and has a really unique option to switch from a solid state to a tube amplifier. Very cool stuff right there.
    Also got a pair of the Brainwavz B200. I was waiting for them to release a legitimate flagship. Although the build DOES NOT match the price tag, the sound is fabulous. One of the more enjoyable sound signatures I've heard, and by far the best tuning I've heard from Brainwavz.
    Cheers fellas
  10. peter123
    I've also been forced to take a break but once things are back to normal again I'll start cleaning up my line:



    I've also got the Hidizs AP60, Colarad C01, Brainwavz B150 and not the least the Shinrico D3 digital player but first I'd have to deal with this:

  11. boblauer
    @peter123 assuming all is well and progressing forward, best wishes in the rebuild never fun been there.
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  12. Mr Trev
    An Ember, nice. Been pretty tempted to look into getting a G1217 myself. Doubt I'd need to go all out on an Ember - nothing I own needs that much power. I really like the fact they can use both 6v and 12v tubes (like my P1) really opens up the rolling possibilities. Luckily I have 2 P1 amps right now, so I have one set for 6v and the other 12v. Makes swapping easier.
    Does your rebuild have a new Lab in its future?
  13. peter123

    We'll see but yeah, I'd lie if I'd say I'm not hyped to hear it.

    My lab survived the fire, only smoke so most stuff is fine. The Meze and MSUR (both wood) still smells pretty bad and noone seems to know where my Sextett's and ATH-AD700 are located, we'll see if they ever turns up.....
  14. crabdog
  15. ngoshawk
    I can do that!

    RHA DAC/Amp L1, CL1, CL750
    Aune S6
    Shanling M1

    RockJaws Resonate
    Thinksound ON2
    Shanling M5
    FiiO A5
    Audioquest Nightowl & Nighthawk

    Thaaaatsss enough to keep me busy, for a bit...:sunglasses:

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