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"The Lab"

  1. nmatheis Contributor
    I'm a very happy Mac user. Wouldn't dream of going back to Windows. I used to be a big iPhone fan, but now that Android has matured I've made the switch and couldn't be happier. Don't think I'd ever go back to iPhone at this point...
  2. Cinder
    I have been using Windows and Android for as long as I have had digital devices. There is no way I could give up my freedom of usage and switch to an Apple product. I also don't exactly have a spare organ to sell to get one either.
  3. B9Scrambler
    Since I couldn't sleep, I decided to dive into my earphone collection and listen to something I haven't used in quite a while. Settling on the Don Scorpio Bass Colour, I realized that they were still quite good, and definitely competitive when pitted against some of today's good ~30 USD offerings like the Brainwavz Jive and Accutone Lyra. After a few hours of listening, I decided to revise my original review from September 2014 and move it to the Head Gear section. Feel free to read it if this is an earphone you ever had any interest in. I'd say it's still worth the cost of entry.

    IMG_20140929_182559.jpg       IMG_20140929_182937.jpg       IMG_20140929_182618.jpg

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  4. Mr Trev
    Great idea. I always thought it'd be interesting if reviewers did revisits of some of the older pieces in their collection. See how well they've stood up - or not - over the years
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  5. B9Scrambler
    Thanks! I agree 100%. Do the old classics still deserve praise among the new hotness? haha
  6. originalsnuffy
    I am not sure if this qualifies as a "revisit" but I have some very old Sony over the ear sports headphones that I still use at the gym.  They are still a fairly neutral sound.   I do not mind getting them sweaty and gross because after all they are old gym headphones!
    I periodically pull out my Yuin PK3 buds.  They still sound pretty good but I wish they had a tad more low end bass response.
    I gave up on my old Shure in ears (E2C) about a year ago as they seemed to have too much of a rolled off high end.
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  7. howdy
    I agree! Loving the sound of the new Lg V20. I used my iphone for many years so im not used to all the cool functions on this being its Android 7.0, i think my last android phone (note 2) was marshmallow I believe.
  8. HiFiChris Contributor
  9. HiFiChris Contributor
    [​IMG] Only three weeks are to go until it's the last day of 2016.
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  10. originalsnuffy
    Just a few related but semi random thoughts here.
    First, while it is still possible to purchase not very good equipment nowadays, in general the quality of what is on sale is really amazing compared to what was on the market even 3 or 4 years ago.
    I was handed the Cayin i5 for review and testing by Howdy recently.   I had an opportunity to share some of my toys with him,and vice versa.  He let me play with his V20 and some Duunu IEM units, and let me reacquaint myself with the Mojo.
    I was impressed with all of the those units. 
    But what has surprised me is how darn good IEM units can be at even modest price points (Tennmak Pro for example). 
    At the $300 price range, those Duunu units sounded just about as good my my shiny new toy; the FLC8S..  I understand a new iBasso is the hot new item at that price point also.
    And with DAP units the Cayin i5 is impressing me just as much as the FIIO X7 (maybe more really) and it held its own with the Chord Mojo.  Not to mention that I understand that some new Onkyo units are terrific and well priced also.
    So what am I trying to say?  One is there really is no such thing as end game units.  Furthermore,  TOTL is a fleeting concept. 
    With DAP units I suppose the choice of features (tidal support, bluetooth, size) is every bit as important as sound quality which almost is becoming a given.   Maybe high quality phones are the future after all (V20 for example).  Though I am stuck in Apple land so there is not much hope in that area for me.
    With IEM units it is more a matter of choosing a great unit at a given price point; there are many great units to choose from.   Fit matters also, of course.
    We are lucky to have so many good choices available.  But the abundance of good quality is almost leading to "analysis paralysis".
    Your thoughts?
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  11. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Progress is the most important product my friend.
    You could say the new budget stuff competes with the old flagships from higher end companies. It is now up to the higher end companies to raise the bar. 
    I have some high end stuff here that is incredible. No, it's not ten times better than budget giant killers, but it's excellent, and the small nuances give them the edge. This is the law of diminishing returns. We pay a lot for minor improvements. Even still, yes there is a lot of budget and mid-fi gear that could keep me perfectly content had I not heard much of the summit-fi earphones. 
    If there's one thing I can say, is that the best thing you can do now days is try the stuff before you buy the stuff. This applies especially to the expensive gears.
    Go to audio shows in your area! It's the best thing you can do. It gives you an opportunity to try the best personal audio gear on the planet without having to buy it. 
    But yes, friend. All good points
  12. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Here's a very interesting concept:
  13. HiFiChris Contributor
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  14. Cinder
    As fate would have it, I too recently finished a triple-driver IEM review:​
    1More Triple Driver review is up!​
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  15. Light - Man
    At first this morning - they were a bit like this.....................[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    But then - because it is a Monday - they were more like this................[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 
    Rant: had people over on Sat night, put (full) dishwasher on Sat afternoon and went out shopping for grub to cook for dinner, came home and found dishwasher was broken and all plates, etc. were dirty. Had to do a truck load of hand washing before we could start to prepare food. Suppose it could have been worse and happened on XMAS Day. [​IMG] 
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