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"The Lab"

  1. Mr Trev
    Yah, kinda figured that might be the case. Will there be a PM4 vs. A4 cage match in the future? (at least I'm assuming you have access to a PM4)
    heck might as well toss in the flc8. Make it a tunable battle royale
  2. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Actually, I'm not going to go for the PM4. I've really been turning down a lot of opportunities. I'm trying to narrow things down and reduce my queue. Fatigue as a reviewer is going to set in if I don't. I always said I want this to be a hobby. The gear is cool, actually it's amazeballs. Problem is it feels impossible to enjoy any of it because as soon as I'm done reviewing it I'm either shipping it back or moving on to the next sample. I need to get the queue down a bit. I miss being able to just hang out with the guys on the Lab.

    LZ is a company I am quite fond of. Nothing they've made has been disappointing. The cheaper LZs were aight, but the A2, A3s, and A4 are epic products. Im always interested to see what they come up with next. People who have experienced LZ products will probably agree.

    I'm going to really focus, work hard and reduce the current queue, then be even more selective in what I cover. It will make more time to get back to the roots of what got me into this hobby.
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  3. ezekiel77
    I get what you mean, and I've reviewed far less than you. Six months without writing anything gave me an opportunity to actually enjoy the gear I own and love, rather than fulfil a review obligation. The opportunities are great, writing is fun as well, but when the queue adds up, you start thinking what it's all for.
    You and many others here have the fortitude to keep listening, writing and reviewing, answering questions from newbies and seasoned headfiers alike, and make HeadFi a great place to be in. Asking you to keep doing what you do would be selfish. Remember to pace yourself, and enjoy the gear and music!
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  4. ngoshawk

    Lucky duck, I am! Tour unit in hand.
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  5. RedJohn456
    I am literally trying not to lose my **** at how fricking good this combo sounds! Je***!
    xDuoo X10 => FiiO A5 => Sennheiser HD600 +  Venture Electronics HD600 cable (balanced cable with single ended adapter - cable is pretty good too).
    @waynes world mate you are missing out  [​IMG]
  6. Mr Trev
    Hey Labsters. As some may know, my PFE is no more [​IMG]. I remember a few of you guys got some PFE when they were being cleared out and was looking for some suggestions on what would be a viable upgrade - using the grey filters as a SQ baseline. I'm looking at staying purely BA, probably no more than $250 for the moment (but cheaper would be better)
  7. waynes world
    I know it!
    And it's cool that the X10 (apparently) also sounds great without an additional amp.
  8. HiFiChris Contributor
    Etymotic ER-4S or ER-4P. The Pai Audio MR3 might be a match, too.
  9. RedJohn456
    Not just apparently, the HO sounds fantastic in its own right, its a slightly different flavor, which is always good in terms of matching gear knawamsayin. 
  10. Mr Trev
    @RedJohn456 what are the dimesions of that X10? From your pic it looks like it may be close in size to the 1st gen. Fiio X3 (isn't it annoying we have to specify the Manf. now when mentioning models). If that's the case Canada Computers has (last I looked) X3 mkI stacking kits for a couple of bucks. You should check it out, it's waay better than an amp band and so stupidly cheap who cares if it don't fit
  11. RedJohn456
    Yeah the naming conventions need to be changed. Fiio X3, xDuoo X3 etc - pretty confusing!
    The dimensions as per official spec appear to be 53 x 107.5 x 16.5 mm  Hope that helps!
  12. Mr Trev
    Did a quick measurement and my X3 is only 101mm long so the kit probably won't work with your X10. Too bad really, they're awesome for stacking. Barring that, I'll always recommend blu-tack and damnation to the amp band industry!!
  13. waynes world
    Or 3M Dual Lock
  14. Hisoundfi Contributor
    +1 on the blue tac. Works like a champ
  15. Mr Trev
    Naw, 3M is nothing more than a pawn for the whole component attachment industry… Blu-Tac for Life[​IMG]

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