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"The Lab"

  1. Mr Trev
    Just got a new laptop meself and am trying to wrap my head round this Win 10 thing (sad news is I'm most likely out of the new gear game, even had to cancel my pm4 preorder - hope they're just meh[​IMG])
    The Fiio drivers installed without any problems. So far no damn latency issues my old laptop had. The only questionable thing is that I can only set Windows to 24/48 max- my old one could do 24/192.
    Also, never considered it at the time, but this new one doesn't have an optical drive. Kinda makes ripping CDs a challenge. Won't be giving the old laptop a viking funeral after all[​IMG]
  2. thatonenoob
    As a Mac user, I miss the freedom of Windows.  That said, the new OS has a UI that's fairly atrocious. So many squares, so utterly confused.
  3. Podster
    Ola Brother Labster's, Pods on the road to recovery and hope to be back up and in the swing soon. I see things have been plodding along nicely (speaking of nicely GREAT take on reviewing Vince[​IMG])
    So my current top 5 for those who like to name the list[​IMG]

    There seems like there are a bazillion iem's out there and my love and passion for sweet playback is what keeps me going back into the water to try the next best thing! Honestly though if I had to give it up I could be completely satisfied with this current collection. Same goes for the expendables, my sub $20 budget iem's. All great iem's in their respective price groups and not the end of the world if any of them meet an early demise[​IMG]
  4. peter123

    Hola Tim, great to hear from you againn! It looks as if it's only physical you're on the road to recovery. That's great since I don't mind you continuing with your addiction for great sound :wink:

    BTW, what's that pair with the blue cable?
  5. B9Scrambler
    Podster Glad to see you are back and recovering well.
  6. boblauer
    See some DQSM D2's?.   No idea on the blue cabled ones. Are row two Trinity, left ones Delta V1's maybe?And appears maybe Translucent on bottom? I'm not a good judge by pictures. Best news is you're back and healthy so it appears which is all that really matters.  
  7. Podster
    The Blue and Gray 8 Core custom is on a pair of HCK Single DD custom, those are Delta 2's by the way[​IMG]
    THX for the warm returns fellows. [​IMG]
  8. boblauer
    Well now officially embarrassed as I have Delta V2's as my dailies and thought those were smaller. The agony of getting old eye sight sucks. 
  9. Podster

    No biggie Bob, I traded my V1's back in for the 30 pound credit/refund then turned right around and jumped on the Sabre's (to the left of the V2's in the photo), Vyrus and P4's[​IMG] V2's are a great iem, Bob really hit the mark on that upgrade for sure. [​IMG]
  10. RedJohn456

    Welcome back Tim, glad to hear things are on the up and up. And I gotta say, the nearest iem in that picture is my guilty pleasure at the moment, really allowing me to indulge my inner bass head :wink:
  11. HiFiChris Contributor
  12. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Great review Chris! It was a joy to read your take on these!
    Here is my take:
    HiFiChris likes this.
  13. Podster

    Both excellent reads gentlemen, so how close is the a91 cable to the DQSM D2 cable? Looks very close to me but I've not had the pleasure of holding the Fidue[​IMG] They are Star Trek all the way, I'd be a Klingon but I'd need a grand to do it[​IMG]
  14. thatonenoob
    Klingons get what klingons want.
  15. Podster

    Ah, Ancient Klingon Proverb eh[​IMG]

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