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"The Lab"

  1. HiFiChris Contributor
    Same/very similar visual design/moulds (not unlike Superlux) but independent tuning (so sound-wise, it is no "ripoff", I can assure you that because I talked with the Pai Audio people about that - if it was, you can believe me that I would not have accepted to review it).
  2. thatonenoob
    Finally completed my review for the Sony h.ear in Wireless here.  Indeed an interesting pair of headphones...err...earphones?
  3. audio123

    quite an enjoyable read[​IMG]
  4. thatonenoob
    [​IMG] Definitely one of the more snarky reviews if you will.  But it was fun writing it.
  5. RedJohn456
    Oh man look what just showed up in my mail box, this is gonna get cray cray!!


    1.jpg 2.jpg

    iFi Audio Micro iDSD + iPurifier 2 and Gemini USB cables! Can't wait to test these bad boys out [​IMG] 


    I have also had the Resonessence Labs Concero HP for about a week and I gotta say that this definitely something special :) Gotta give some love to Canadian made products, as the fine folks at Resonessence Labs have done a bang up job with the Concero HP. This thing has so much power its crazy. And oh how good it sounds [​IMG] I will be posting a more in-depth look at it pretty soon.


    3.jpg 4.jpg


    The TFZ Series of iems are just straight up bonkers. And I mean that in the best way possible. They have opened my eyes to what naturally warm sounding dynamic driver iems SHOULD sound like. All three are fantastic but I would say the Series 3 or 5 are where the special sauce is at IMO.


    Series1also.jpg Series1.jpg
    series3also.jpg series3.jpg

    I would say that the LZ A2S and TFZ series are the new standards for what you can get for <$100 dollars these days. Along with the Havi B3 Pro 1 of course [​IMG]

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  6. ngoshawk

    That is some fine looking kit. Looking forward to your impressions and comparisons.
  7. audio123
    u forgot the legendary Ostry :smiley:
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  8. thatonenoob
    Listening to the Feliks Audio Espressivo with the T1.  I have to say, I am impressed by what Feliks has done.  If the Espressivo sounds this good....I wonder how the Elise would do.
  9. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Edifier H850 review:
  10. audio123

    excellent and concise review with good photos!
  11. thatonenoob
    Indeed a fine review!
  12. boblauer
    Interested in where you'll use the iPurifier in your chain as the Micro iDSD has it built in? If you could with and without impressions in your chain would be great. I'm running a Jitterbug thru a Pangea USB to an iPurfier2 then into the nano iDSD as my DAC and with the addition of the iPurifier it's as silent and black a background as I've heard or can hear. Wondering if stepping up to the micro as my DAC will improve anything. Thanks. 
  13. audio123
    truly a reference masterclass
    jomo 6r review by @project86
  14. audio123
    quite a nice pouch to store daps and iems!
  15. leobigfield
    I guess a lot of the labsters fit in this picture, including me. LOL

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