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"The Lab"

  1. SerenaxD
    The Zuperdac(from HK #HKPride)! It was one of those USB DACs that I saw on indiegogo and badly wanted them, but sadly my parents vetoed my idea... Let us know what you think @RedJohn456- I guess it's time to replace my old broken Dragonfly...
  2. Hisoundfi Contributor
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  3. RedJohn456

    I have only heard the DF once, so I can't comment on it, but the ZuperDAC at its online selling price of 75 USD is a frekaing bargain, it is a noticeably step up from anything else I have heard in the <100 USD segment at the very least. 
    I will make sure to compare against the SMSL M2 and M3, which are the ones I own that are <100 USD segment, also will be comparing against my higher end stuff. Honestly for 75 USD this thing i is a marvel - but if most of your headphones are multi ba do note that the Output Impedance is 4 ohms. I will include all the specs once I make an official thread for it with my extended impressions with comparisons. 
  4. Hisoundfi Contributor

    You haven't answered the question though Tamal...

    Does it perform well enough that you would pick it out of the toilet if you dropped it in there while doing your business?


    This post is dedicated to my good friend Wokei the OG of toilet-fi
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  5. RedJohn456

    do you even have to ask? WITH BOTH HANDS BRO. No doubt about that. 
    Also updated my post to show the output impedance, for those who love to use multi ba iems :)
  6. Light - Man
  7. thatonenoob
    Feeling the crunch as work catches up.  Just want to sit back and listen to stuff but don't have the time.  Sigh.  Anyways this thread's been quiet for a while -what are y'all up to?
  8. B9Scrambler
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  9. twister6 Contributor
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  10. esm87
  11. twister6 Contributor
    CFA Andromeda?  Yeah, that one is one of a kind.  Testing a new 8 braided litz conductor cable now (diy cable from someone, the one in the picture), scales up the sound even better than original Ken's litz cable.
    But my latest new obsession is EE Zeus-R, I didn't expect this level of coherency from 14-driver CIEM (-R version is more balanced in comparison to original XIV Zeus).
  12. esm87
    the kid just had to throw a spanner in the works... My next IEM is either the Andromeda or Zeus R.... pm me your thoughts please bro they will be invaluable to me
  13. unknownguardian

    wow. amazing collections of both iems and daps. how would you compare the lp5 gold with other totl dap? in my opinion its one of the most underappreciated player dur to its ugly form and digusting ui. but sound wise definitely one of the best. super wide and organic soundstage.
  14. audio123
    i second this statement [​IMG]
  15. Light - Man

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