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"The Lab"

  1. seanwee
    Aww, so cute.[​IMG]
  2. Light - Man
    Congrats Sir - I hope her day went really well - us dudes are only there to make the ladies outfits radiate in contrast to our monkey suits! [​IMG]
  3. thatonenoob
    Cheers m8 and goodbye to headfi.   But seriously - congrats.
  4. Podster

    Congrats Eisen, wishing you all the best:smiley:
  5. peter123
    The cat finally moved:
  6. Mr Trev
    Very nice. Man, its been mental the number of IEMs coming out of China right now. I can't even keep up with the thread - it doesn't help that they all use similar bloody names.
    Waiting to hear how those 6 BAs turn out. Not sure if I'd be willing to jump on a mystery IEM at those prices though (at least its not a Shure knockoff)
    A little disappointed that you didn't post a review of the cat after teasing us with pictures[​IMG]
  7. peter123
    Ha ha, not the cat but still pretty interesting:
    These Chinese offerings start to get scary good now.
  8. ozkan
    Kogan replacement found guys. :)The sound is exactly the same as the Ritmix RF 7650.

  9. Mr Trev
    Any easier to get ahold of than the Kogan?
  10. ozkan

    Unfortunately no :D
  11. EISENbricher
    Lol thanks : ) 
    Yup what you said is true. 
    Haha I wish that won't happen. Thanks for your wishes. 
    Thanks a lot Pod : )
    Ahh for some time that will happen for sure but mostly because of tight budget. My wife is very good and supportive ^_^
    Thanks you !!
    Thanks a lot
    Thanks Peter!
    Thanks, this means a lot : ) 
    Ap616 likes this.
  12. RedJohn456
    I posted some early thoughts about my first tube amp the xDuoo TA-03 over at: http://www.head-fi.org/t/811226/xduoo-ta-03-tube-amplifier-24bit-192khz-usb-dac-impressions-and-reviews-thread
    Fantastic amp offering that has opened my eyes to what amps can do for one's music enjoyment!
  13. Mr Trev

    We'll have to see what you say when your broke from feeding it tubes[​IMG]
    Have to say I'm really happy with my Little-Bear even though it is a cheap design and a hybrid on top of it. For a first entry into tubes it was worthwhile. I gotta imagine you should get as much or more enjoyment from the xDuoo.
  14. SerenaxD
    Wokei and Hisoundfi like this.
  15. HiFiChris Contributor
    I'm wondering why Viablue isn't making balanced connectors. Maybe it's just an unreliable niche market for them.

    Am I the only one 'round here who loves the looks of Viablue stuff?

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