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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. ericp10
    You can get them in the states on Amazon.com, but price isn't going to be too much different than ordering from Japan (and paying for shipping). I have them on now. I usually listen to IEMs at home and on the road, but now these have become my preference for at-home listening. I should have about 60 hours on them. As for the mids, the the mids were never a problem. Just with more burn in the whole sound becomes more focused and detailed. It's like getting your HD antenna set at the right angle for the best reception. The whole sound spectrum is just so right. I haven't heard them, but I don't think those who own the S600, S700 or D800 really have clue how great these sound. Amazing.
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    The best word to describe the sound is. Complete. I have not ever heard a sub $100 headphone with this much a complete sound.. There is not a part of the sound that is weak or limp in any way. Not the highs not the mids not the bass. Add to that pin point imagery that is on these carbon nanotubes headphones n earphones and you get something not too ordinary. I expected these to sound good. But not as great as they are turning out to be now..Ladies n Gents. We have entered a new era of sound for your cash..
  3. vlenbo
    Alright, thanks! I thought the mids were full, but not full enough, that's what I meant by improved, my bad. I guess I'll be getting these instead of the fxd80s then!
  4. kiteki
  5. sfwalcer
    Yeah I know ha, Dsnuts needs to stop pushing that JVC CRACK!!! [​IMG]
    @ Kiteki, you sure you're not ace_of_bicycle2004?
    Dsnuts is the manufacturer and Kiteki is the dealer.  heeeeee
  6. kiteki
    After I burn-in these violently (why not for the price?), I think I'll finally be able to decide if burn-in is a real phenonemon or not.
    Wait, I could buy two...
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    Lol..I am genuinely excited for this community of enthusiasts to embark on a new product that what I am gonna predict will sell out. I am willing to bet on it. Believe me I would easily pay 4X more for this sound I am hearing..No hype just fact.
  8. Prakhar

  9. vlenbo
    can you do an A/B of the ha-s500 with the fxd80 later on, please?
  10. ericp10
    X2  [​IMG]
  11. ericp10
    In one sense it's not fair. As similar as the sound signatures are, the two IEMs can't reproduce the bass that you get out of the S500. And the S500 doesn't have the soundstage, airiness and black space that the FXD80 has. FXD70 and s500 are closer, but still the sound is larger in the headphone. 
    All three are excellent in my opinion.
  12. kiteki
    PROVE IT, buy three more.

  13. bowei006 Contributor
    Any opinions on them yet Kiteki? I want a closed but good portable soon. It has to be very comfortable as well.
  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    I think vocal clarity might be even better on the headphones..The mids are just a step more forward  while the overall sound is much more fuller, deeper on the headphones and the highs a bit less but it is just as clean just as extended on the HA-S500 but I think due to the deep insertion on the FXD earphones. The highs seem to have a bit more emphasis on the earphones. So far as bass end goes. It goes like this. HA-S500> FX40>FXD70>FXD80. But it is sheer class on the bass end. The sub bass is rich deep and full. Bass lovers gonna love these lil headphones. But non bass fans don't skip on these just because they have bass. Because these have such a coherent lovely sound the bass is a part of this presentation and it is awesome.. Complete like I said.
    The biggest difference for me is the staging and depth of sound. While the tuning is very similar to the FXD70, FXD80 the overall depth and width of the sound field is increased due to a full sized 40mm version. These give a room full of speaker type sound. The nature of a bigger dynamic driver. It is their tuning I find special. Just masterful. The scope of the tune is increased using the same type of tuning..In theory that sounds great. In reality it sounds even better.
    I also noticed even though these are rated 32 ohms. These are actually more efficient over the 20 Ohm FXD70, FXD80 earphones. They need less volume.
  15. kiteki
    I just ordered them yesterday from race_of_bicycle.  I'll compare them to the ATH-ES10's and let you know hehe.
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