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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. flamesofarctica
    These are amazing for the price, so glad I spotted this thread.

    They also look nicer than I expected as well :-D

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  2. tepsow

    Is there is a big difference between JVC HA-S500 and JVC HA-S50BT?

    I even can't find replies for JVC HA-S50BT, why it's so unpopular model? Maybe u know something better under ~70 $? I can't decide which one should I buy, Help :\ 1) JVC HA-S500 2) JVC HA-S50BT 3) Pioneer SE-MJ553BT 4) Panasonic RP-BTD5
  3. 7S Cameron
    In that price range I would recommend the S500. The S50BT is wireless and the S500 is wired. They use different drivers so they won't sound alike at all. The S500 was my first pair of headphones that I bought after registering on this site. I've bought many headphones since and I still love my S500s!
  4. SHAMuuu
    20171020_162631.jpg 20171020_173414.jpg

    2oooCurious for a long time. So, yeah. Pads are from a dtx350. Well, someone had to try it. I didn't see another open one, so i was like baggh! W/e.

    Still listenable :D A tad bit more spacious and open. Don't know if i'd recommend this specific mod. I did EQ them to my liking, and well its to my liking.Sound ok on low volume, and bass still hits hard as a mack truck when boosted (basshead eq'ing + amp). I only fed it 125mw. Ofc this bass is basshead bass, and not the most linear or tightest. But it makes a fun beater.


    Update: threw drivers into old Lp2 shells. I do not recommend :)
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  5. shahkhan
    Any pads suggestions to repalce my S500's teared pads
  6. Malefoda
    Hi guys,
    coming from Grado, (which I find a tad on the bright side compared to my main speakers sound but do like the ability to hear voices and guitars with a tight and clean bass), I now own these JVCs for my daily 2 hours of bus. I did not use them in the noisy bus yet (will do soon) but I find them so muddy and bassy I don't know if I will ever been able to listen to them... yes, that much. And I also find they add some extra level to highs and cymbals are pushed, weird feeling. I can even add some sense of "box resonance" as another complain... Maybe my expectations were too high for some 30USD headphones?
    Will try to see if the added bottom helps in the rumble of the bus engine/rolling sound.
    My questions are: I have good memories of the Koss KSC75, cleaner/more neutral, is it the case or just a fading memory? Any mods to improve the sound?
  7. mochill
    If you want to sell them , I'll take it :)
  8. penmarker
    I agree with everything you said, the KSC75 are better in some regards than the S500. They're more open and more airy with a flatter sound signature. The S500 is very cold, very bassy, very closed in. They are not made to give you an out of the head experience. Everything sounds very intimate and depending on how you drive them - quite muddied.

    But I do love them because for a very small amount of money they sound very fun and very exciting! On the go and in the office, they close off outside noise and keeps my music in without intruding others. They are very sensitive and doesn't require much to drive at all. They sound the same regardless whether driven from my laptop/phone or my Chord Hugo (though the Hugo increases their brightness and they sound more flat). I love them because I know exactly what I will get if I plug them in and put them on my head.

    They're not exactly for everyone, and especially you coming from Grados, you might not even like them at all no matter how long you keep them. Very polar opposite sounds.
  9. NebraskaX24

    I forget what my jvc's sounded like. I recall being satisfied, though they eventually broke on me. Now I prefer my porta pros to all of my various headphones under $150. I've wasted a lot of money trying to surpass my experience with the portapros. They sound great. I believe the ksc75 uses the same drivers, if I'm thinking of the right model.
  10. kova4a
    You can change the pads if you want to change the sound. Personally, I used these as work cans for a very very long time and as I needed to have some awareness I kinda positioned them slightly off of my right еar to hear what's going on, which made them more open and less bassier sounding, but as they are fairly warm it made them more balanced. I actually have used the s500 so many hours at work it's ridiculous. It's definitely more than 15000 hours as at around the 10k mark I changed them with a new unit. In retrospecI should have changed them way sooner but I was too used to them, so it was not until last year that I moved on to the sony mdr-1am2, which are a huge step up, especially in comfort and fit.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
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  11. Malefoda
    All what you said guys.
    They are not for me, that's it =) Glad I've tried, now I know :wink:

    (ps@Mochill: shipping to USA from France will cost you more than direct from Japan :wink: )
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