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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. vlenbo
    understood then, hope it comes out soon enough for you.
  2. Gee Simpson
    @ Dsnuts - I know there is a bit of a price gap but which in your opinion is better, Sony XB90EX or JVC S500?
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    Hmm I like em both for different reasons. The XB90 are a guilty pleasure Using DannyBs pic here. Lovely iems. in every regard.
    The bass on the CKS77, Atrios, Monsters, ASG-1s, JVCs own FX3x. all bow down to these. Sony's new 16mm dynamic bass earphones FTW! Cuz my dynamic is bigger than yours. Lol.. 
    These are serious business as I declare them the new bass kings..However right now no one could pry these HA-S500 off my head and live to survive the struggle. Lol!.
    This has been the best year for mostly new earphones and now this headphone for me ever..It is exciting to hear new advancements in tech all these JVCs represent and great tuning and advancements of the old driver type as well. The scary thing is. Usually these guys build upon what they establish which means we will see more and more improvements of this sound. What is even more exciting is. Other companies are gonna have to take note of what JVC is doing here..I truly hope we see a full sized sub $100.. 50mm driver version of these JVC headphones. I just simply can't imagine.
  4. kalbee
    Very good point, I totally forgot about skipping the use of paypal. Kudos for your reminder!
    Dsnuts, any more detailed pictures you can share? :wink:
    one with the pads removed would be nice too!
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    I am listening to some trance on these.. Just awesome sauce.
    kalbee likes this.
  6. DannyBai
    Dude, I'm so tempted even though these are on-ear.  You're no good to me Ds.
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    Don't do it. You don't want to hear a 40mm version of the carbon nanotube drivers. I mean you own the micro HD versions. All 3 and the crazy bang for bucks FX40. Why would you be curious about a BIG 40mm version. Whats there to gain from that?. Don't do it..That imagery and clarity you know all them carbon nanotube earphones throw out. But in a headphone version? Psst please. Why would anyone want a BIG boss 40mm version of that. Who needs that.
  8. Ghostfit
    OMG ! [​IMG]  ...DS, you've just described me !  I was so in paradise with my pair of HA-S500 that I didn't feel the compulsion to logon and read Head-Fi anymore (okay, so it was just for a week)   ...but then I felt guilty about not paying back to the community by sharing this fantastic find. LOL, I login and found this thread by none other then you.
    The HA-S500 sound didn't change as dramatically with burn in as the FX40 and FXD80, I'm wondering if the 32 ohm impedence requires a louder volume for the same effect, With the FX40 on burn cycle/volume, I couldn't put the IEM in my ears for longer than 5 seconds without feeling uncomfortable but the HA-S500 on the same burn volume is actually quite listenable.
    This headphone is my favourite and I'll most likely get the HA-S400 as well for travelling use.
    I was here with them HA-S500 the whole of last week [​IMG] DSC06163.jpg
  9. Ghostfit
    Naah !    ...DO IT, Danny [​IMG]  ...I never like headphones whether on or over ears but these HA-S500 has kinda grew on me. ...after listening to their eargasmic sounds, you'll soon forget they there sitting on your head !
  10. analogsurviver
    Hi everybody ! 
    I have been lurking here at the head-fi for quite some time and never thought my first post would be about on ear headphones. About the intended use
    in depth in my formal introduction to the head-fi community in forseeable future.
    But right now I would like Dsnuts to use calipers and measure EXACT dimensions of JVC HA S 500 for the following (everything without earpad) :
    overall diameter of the earcup
    overall height/thickness of the earcup
    diameter of the driver ( the inner thing with the protective mesh secured with the 3 screws )
    guesstimated height/thickness of the driver
    ( I do not rerquire you to take it apart for measurement(s) in order not to demage/destroy anything - if you feel comfortable with taking it apart and back together to measure exactly , it would be appreciated )
    Just what do I mean by EXACT dimensions? Well, pretend you hate feet enough to change to metric system -  approx 2 3/4 inch will not do,
    70,35 mm will. I will survive with the usual chore of converting 17/38 inch to mm though.
    That was easier part. Here comes the big one. How does HA S 500 cope with classical music, say Mahler's 2nd symphony ? I chose this music as it 
    contains allmost anything one might ask for in quality reproduction of acoustic music - dynamic range is from nil to close to ear pain, from (next to) solo for voice or instrument to full blast of the orchestra with 100+ chorus and organ in the finale. I suggest using some good SACD - CD is just not good enough for the kind of dynamic range this music requires for proper presentation, quiet parts suffer in resolution too much. 
    If you do not have access to a good SACD, here are links to some better sounding recordings of Mahler's 2nd on youtube:
    Usual reminder not to forget to set the highest resolution on YT applies.
    Best regards,
  11. tzjin
    If you are asking someone to do you a favor, the least you can do is say please and not demand things.
  12. bjaardker

    I'll be placing an order with my next paycheck :)
  13. Gee Simpson
    So, it's either the CKM 500's or the S500's for me. Which is better?
  14. tzjin
    It really depends on how you will be using them.
  15. Huxley
    Challenge accepted!!!
    Yoink!! [​IMG]
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