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The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by scolaiw, Jun 5, 2013.
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  1. ekfc63

    I hear you. I used to have Linn Kans in the '80s and '90s which were 86db/W or something like that with a Naim Nait 1 (16W). The combo was very good even with the Nait's flea level power output. The Kans got better as I moved up the Naim ladder (160, 250 and finally 135s).
    I'm only a few days into Dave ownership and one day into comparing direct vs speaker amp. So far the differences aren't as pronounced as I expected. My next step is to try an adapter and plug the Abyss directly into the speaker amp. Maybe the Hifiman HE adapter is reducing the chain's potential.

    Reading an earlier post by Rob Watts (#845 on the Dave thread) he stated that the Dave, which puts out 1.4W at 33ohms, could drive the HE1000 (90dB/mW 33ohms) with ease. Can an electrically savvy Headfier translate the Daves watts for the Abyss TC's 88db/mW at 47ohms?
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  2. ray-dude
    I just got a set of TC's and immediately plugged them into my DAVE. I run them comfortably at -7 to -10dB. The DAVE tops out at ~ +6dB so there is plenty of headroom to drive them as loud as you want.

    I don't think the concern is loudness though. I think it is rather about the level of control the amp is able to impose on the drivers: the higher the current reserves and absolute current delivery speed of the amp, the more control to start and stop the single transducer across the wide spectral range it has to operate. Of course, the DAVE has the most transparent amp I've every heard (I drive my speakers direct from it as a result...104dB sensitivity Voxativ 9.87's) Any amp in the chain will result in some loss of transparency (hopefully minimal) but will trade off against most control across the spectral range.

    I have a banana to XLR on order, and a buddy's Schitt Aegir amp and Benchmark ABH2 amp on loan for the week. Looking forward to putting my understanding to test once my adapter arrives.
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  3. jlbrach
    when I listen to my TC direct from my dave/blue2 I tend to listen from -10 to 0 for the most part with an occasional acoustic jazz recording requiring up to + 5....I do find I prefer for the most part using the dave with my formula s/powerman but not always....
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  4. bearwarrior
    Wow. Same collections here. Happy listening.:)
  5. ekfc63

    I’m on the same path. Ted at Headphone Lounge is making an adapter up for me so that I can connect to my speaker amp direct.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
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  6. ekfc63
    What makes you prefer to use the Formula S / powerman over Dave direct?
  7. jlbrach
    they have more grunt, the soundstage is bigger the bass is more powerful and the dynamics in orchestral pieces more impressive..with the dave alone it is a more refined sound with a touch more transparency....you cant lose either way to be honest
  8. Marco_tam
    I have been using Einvaldi with my Abyss for more than a week now. While I do not have Norne S3 to compare with Einvaldi, I was able to compare it with the stock cable. To my ears, Einvaldi brings deeper and tighter bass to the table. On the mids, relatively speaking, the stock cable sounds thinner while Einvaldi sounds warmer and adds more density to vocals.

    Actually I am quite curious how the Superconductor sounds in comparison, but the price is really...
  9. tholt
    Just got my adapter cables from Ted 3 days ago. They're working out well.
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  10. Dcman
    Hello there,

    After following this thread for quite some time my crazy wife came up with this ridiculous idea of getting me a turntable + a pair of random headphones...
    I will compare the sound to the LCD-2 in the near future as well :)

    Best Wishes
  11. Litlgi74
    Welcome to the club.
    Does she know she purchased you a pair of Abyss headphones? Lol
  12. Dcman
    Thanks, Litlgi74:D!

    She said so but who knows it... :p

    I am trying to align the pads over and over again because the bass is distorted ever so slightly on the right channel. I also noticed that they feel pretty tight even though I opened the headband as much as I could. Did you experience some similar issues at first?

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  13. JLoud
    Watch the video on the Abyss website. You can flex the sides out to make them wider.
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  14. Ciggavelli
    Yes, similar problems when I first got mine too. You may need to bend them out (there’s an Abyss video online that shows you how to do that). Also, distortion occurs for me when the pads are too far away from my head. That includes distance and pad angle related to your head. You’ll figure it out, and you’re in for a treat. Congrats on the headphones
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
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