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The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by scolaiw, Jun 5, 2013.
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  1. ufospls2
    iFi Micro iDSD BL.
  2. mt-hifidelity
    Thanks, I did try the iFi but found it a bit flat. It could have been the DAC section and not the amp, I'm not sure, but I didn't love it. Still, for what it is, its a remarkably flexible unit.
  3. tunes
    Just curious. Would it be fair to say that the Senn HD 800S has the largest overall sound stage of any headphone including the Abyss TC??
  4. Zhanming057
    I'm not sure if such a thing exists.

    The closest thing to the Formula S is probably the Broadway. If that's too big and expensive, there's the WA11 which outputs 1.5w into 32 ohms. I don't really think that either is enough for the TC - I'm in the speaker amp camp myself.
  5. Zhanming057
    All of the earspeakers (K1000, Mysphere, SR1a, etc.) come ahead of non-earspeakers. Then it's probably the TC followed by the Susvara. The 800S is smaller than these and smaller than some of the high level E-stat implementations, but the staging is definitely pretty good for its price point.
  6. JLoud
    I burned my Tc in for 160 hours then I have put another 25 or so on them. I haven't noticed much if any change since the 160 point. I did notice changes during the initial 150, but nothing huge.
  7. fredfung28
    Sr1a has larger soundstage if it’s fully opened, if not it’s a bit larger than abyss Tc. K1000 is similar to sr1a but mysphere is not that wide in soundstage comparing with abyss Tc in my system
  8. simorag

    I did a comparison of a few very good aftermarket cables in the following two posts:


    TL;DR - Stock is very good, DHC Prion4 is the best I tried for detail and transparency, Danacable Lazuli Reference had great mids but not as transparent and fast as I would have liked, and Superconductor - what I ended up with - is almost as transparent as the Prion4 but with more organic sound and slightly more emotional vocals (close to the Dana in this respect).
  9. mt-hifidelity
    Thanks Simorag! I appreciated your post on this topic.

    PS: Nice setup you have... Great components.
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  10. Ciggavelli
    I've been A/B testing my Utopias with my TCs, and the TCs are better in almost every aspect, which is kind of blowing my mind, as I thought the Utopias were the pinnacle. The Utopias have less weight, a smaller sound stage, less clarity (somehow, which is crazy). I even have gotten used to the loose fitting of the TCs and actually think the TCs are more comfortable. I put the Utopias on, and everything just seems too confining. I "feel" the weight of the utopias more than the TCs, which doesn't make sense, as the Utopias are lighter (I think). I can't really fault the TCs for anything. It's everything I want in a pair of headphones.

    I haven't tried the Susvaras, but I think they might be the only headphones that reach TC levels (or so I've read). Maybe I'll trade in the Utopia for some Susvaras....We'll see
  11. jlbrach
    the TC and the susvara are 1a and 1b followed closely by the L D-4 IMHO
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  12. JLoud
    I have always wanted to try the Susvara. What does it do better than the LCD4 and Tc? I have the other two and am curious how the Susvara would slot in with the other two?
  13. cj3209
    Lol...you make me want to try out my speaker amp...

  14. Litlgi74
    I'm going to demo an Anthem STR Integrated this weekend because of him! LOL
  15. jlbrach
    To be honest there is no best, if you have the proper amp the Susvara is wonderful.....a different listen, much more ethereal than the other 2...more finesse than grunt IMHO....a real treat with acoustic jazz
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