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The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by scolaiw, Jun 5, 2013.
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  1. fogs
    Tried briefly with a CMA600i. Muddy, flat sound and clearly underpowered, while the 600i rocks with easier loads like eg. Beyer 1770 Pro, LCD-3 etc.
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  2. Zhanming057
    The 800R gold stack is definitely more about finer control and doesn't have the raw power of the Formula S. On the Mysphere 3.2 or the Utopia is where they work their magic. The 1266 phi is of course much more power-hungry.

    The Questyle all-in-one's make for better DAC's than they are headphone amps. For the 600i IMO there's an argument about just running it as a DAC for a stronger headphone amp.
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  3. elton7033
    Is it too late for me to join the abyss game? How will you compare the abyss to your mysphere or Raal SR1A with the masskobo 394 II ? I just got my 394 II so now I am looking for a headphone which can use up its power, the only headphone which is demanding that I currently own is a k1000late which is not the best thing out there compare to recent high ends
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  4. Zhanming057
    It works quite well with both the Abyss and the Mysphere (3.2) - I bought mine for the HD800S, then ran it with the Abyss for a while and then with both the Abyss and the Mysphere before I sold mine. With the Abyss it's the tiniest bit underpowered but a great complimentary signature, with great control.

    That said, if you really enjoy the K1000, the Mysphere 3.2 is very much a modernized version, while the 1266 phi is a very different beast altogether.
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  5. elton7033
    Thanks I sort of like the k1000 ultra wide soundstage but again I have a Martin Logan full electrostatic speaker set up at home for soundstage... might as well try the abyss 1266phi, the abyss really need lots of power does it, even the survara runs well in the 394 from my experience...
  6. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Really looking forward to reviewing the new TC! I'll be purchasing a pair for myself as well as I was such a huge fan of the Phi. After talking with Joe about the improvements today, I'm really stoked to hear the brilliant Abyss Phi with even more detail extraction! And unlike the SR-009s which offered gobs of detail, the tonality is still Abyss (i.e. speaker-like; without ever sounding thin). Can't wait!
  7. simorag
    Very early impressions after about 1 week with the TC, coming from the Phi w/ CC pads.

    Most apparent technical improvements are clarity / resolution and bass.
    The former was expected given how the TC was marketed since its introduction, and because I felt resolution was an improvement area of the regular Phi, while the latter caught me by surprise since I thought the Phi bass was very hard to improve.

    How these technical upgrades translate into music enjoyment improvements for me:
    - impressive palpability and presence of vocals and solo instruments (e.g. sax)
    - fine details like singer breathing, background sounds / noise, ambient effects, finger motion on string etc. are disclosed, adding "you are there" effect
    - articulation / readability of very complex, crowded musical pieces is improved.
    - solid imaging and instrument separation make you believe you see the band around / in front of you
    - effortless / distortion-free dynamics: listening how the TC handles moving from ppp to fff with uncompressed dynamic range classical recordings is glorious since you can easily follow the musical phrasing at both ends of the dynamic spectrum without loosing details in ppp or feel congested on fff
    - extremely physical perception of bass / sub-bass (airwaves impacting your eardrums, skull rattling 20Hz vibrations) together with great control and believable decay makes organ, double bass orchestral sections, lowest piano or electric bass keys sound even more real

    As a very treble sensitive person, I thought the Phi was on the brighter side of neutral and slightly sibilant with less-than-perfect recordings. This stands with the TC as well, while slightly improved / mitigated from a bit smoother midrange, a general finer grain and a warmer background from the richer mid-bass.

    All in all I feel the TC builds up on the strengths of the AB-1266 Phi (speaker-like presentation, soundstage and imaging, bass), and improves strongly on clarity and microdetails, while keeping the same tonal balance and general sound signature.

    More detailed impressions will come as I complete the burn-in in the next weeks, but I can say at this time I am happy with my TC upgrade :L3000:
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  8. FLTWS
    Can't wait till I come up on the audition list.
  9. mulder01
    The audition list? Is this through the cable co?
  10. FLTWS
  11. 506638
    Just got mine from the Netherlands. Never found the Phi sibilant :robot: (as a matter of fact nobody mentioned this fact before the TC appeared). More to come when burn in is complete within 10 days.
  12. elton7033
    ok, they dont have a 1266 Phi CC or TC demo anywhere in Tokyo, not in Hong Kong as well, now I am trying to force myself to buy something that i have never tried before.....idk may be not a very good idea
  13. mulder01
    Maybe keep an eye out for an older model in the for sale section and if you don't like it, sell it on for a minimal loss, and if you love it, either just keep it, or buy a new TC with confidence you have made the right choice?
  14. simorag
    Some exciting - eclectic - listening with the TC today … how fun!



    P.S.: piano is a TC highlight for sure :)

    P.P.S.: the last recording listed above is a good example of a situation where the Abyss driven by the Formula S amp are more enjoyable than directly fed by the DAVE. The recording SPL level is well below average, and the Formula S provides a grander rendering of the piano dynamics, effortless transients and more layered harmonics structure reproduction.

    By the way, the Phi TC are a bit harder to drive than the Phi, and I find myself going through the amp in most cases for now.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
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  15. deuter
    What volume level are you using on the formula s for the phi tc
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