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THE INTRUDER by RSA. balanced dac/amp. . Update available for even better sound. Just pay shipping.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. Girls Generation
    Hey John, whenever your Intruder is ready, I'd like to ask of you some quick comparisons between the Intruder, DX100, with the LCD2, and its amp section to the SR71b. Thanks~
    Really want to see how the Apex Glacier compares to the Intruder as well.
  2. attilahun

    This doesn't sound like the right instructions for the ipad?
    If we're talking about the CCK I don't know of a shortcut or setting to enable usb dac from RSA.
    If one exists I'd love to know.
  3. AgentXXL

    When you tried the iPad with the CCK, did you try inserting a powered USB hub inbetween the CCK and the Intruder USB input? I have to do this to use the USB DAC in the Fiio E17 because it draws more power than the iPad/CCK can provide. I've rigged up a battery powered USB hub to make my rig portable but I really just consider it a 'transportable' design.

    Has anyone tried the Intruder with Sennheiser HD800s yet? Impressions?

    Dale (aka AgentXXL)
  4. singleended58
    I have heard the Intruder is slightly better than SR71B which does not have a built-in DAC. But if you have a source that have good DAC and add a better line out cable SR71B is good enough. This is my case by using a RWA imod connects to SR71B via ALO imod LOD. I have listened such a good details and bass and smooth midrange with He400 (with stock cables)that I have never had before.
  5. SiGiE
    I've been an onlooker for a good number of weeks,  I now offer my own listening experience, for whatever it's worth.
    Since I got my Intruder, it was the HD600 and SE535 with stock, Cryo OCC Copper, Pure Silver/Gold with soldered with Mundorf Premium.  Balanced out seem to offer a fuller sound, more distinct with the HD600.   The SE535 with the upgrade cables and balanced output can surprisingly deliver a punchier bass.  Just a word of cautions, the SE535 on mid settings and unchecked volume level can hurt the eardrums in just a short period of time.  Thankfully with the Intruder on balanced output, I can enjoy listening at low volume levels.  Maybe  the DHC Cables and my DIY Silver/Gold Cables also contribute to the Superb transparency, and fuller sound, as well,  I really don't know as I am not a technical listener and do not wish to be one. But I sure am happy with what I hear. However, I am not happy hearing a static-like sound sometimes, as I turn the volume knob of the Intruder to a lower or higher volume. I do not know what is the cause or it is just my unit. I  would like to hear if this is the same experience of other owners.
    I do listen to a variety of Genres and only have apple lossless.  I can listen for many hours.  I seem to get better quality and more engaging experience out of the WhipMod/WhipLod FatBoy compared to my Mac Mini Servo via USB Cable.    Likewise, watching Movies/Music Videos with a 27" 3D LED Monitor can be a very engaging viewing experience. The  dialog, background music, and sound FX is clear, crisp, and 3D sounding. Love the details. Definitely better compared to viewing in the living room with the 42' and Surround System.  Happy that I no longer need to compromise and  put-up with mediocre sound quality especially during mid-night viewing when everyone's asleep.   
    Quite delighted with the small footprint of the portable rig. I now can enjoy listening or watching a video, anywhere at home, anywhere  at work, during business or leisure trips, indoor or outdoor. Yeah, I decided to put-aside the SE535 and passed on the HD600.  It's just the LCD3 for now.  The Intruder seem to be able to drive the LCD3 to significantly higher level, even with the Mac Mini via USB, as source.  Delightful is hard to describe.  Well some headfier say that the performance significantly gets better, with more hours of use.  If that's going to be the case, I better get myself ready for the Ultimate Listening Pleasure. I can't wait to actually hear the impressive difference. 
  6. jamato8 Contributor
    I find that the HD650 are brought to life balanced and the Intruder for me, does an excellent job of controlling the bass and opening up the sound stage with them.
    SiGie, thanks for the listening impressions. I look forward to more.
  7. raelamb
    I have owned 4 of Ray Samuels' amps, 3 of which had analogue pots. The "static" you refer to could simply be dirt or dust. When it happened to me I turned the amp off and quickly rotated the volume dial back and forth and that would usually do the trick :)
  8. SiGiE
    You are absolutely Correct.  Just a few back and forth turns, and all "static" seem to have magically vanish. Thank You!
  9. ianmedium
    I get static on my SR71-B's pot and do the same, a couple of quick back and forths of the volume pot and all is solved.. For what it is worth I have experienced this on Alps pots on multi thousand dollar amps as well.
  10. goatonboat
    Interesting to read all your opinions!
    I wonder if the intruder rivals an Algo-rithm + ALO stack???
  11. milarepa

    Well I got my Intruder today, and I am looking to see if it can rival my Continental V2 driving my TG!334s using the clas unbalanced. My HD650 is out on loan so I'll check them later.

    Now this is out of the box for the Intruder, the V2 has about 200 hours on it. My first thought is this: I pray to god that this will open up ALOT when it's burned in. My Continental is so much more sparkeling with life in the mids and treble that the Intruder comes across really vailed to me. Sure it has some more punch in the bottom and a bit larger space to it, but my midrange bliss is gone. The Intruder is black in the background, better than the V2, but I like amps better when they are playing, and then the V2 is just as good imo.

    I feel as if my ears have cotton in them, with my V2 I feel blessed. This better improve in 150 hours or the Intruder will ship!
  12. gidion27
    Is the continental easy to carry around. Doesn't it get hot.
    Anyway how are the ergonimics of the Intruder vs Continental? 
  13. milarepa
    kangatec.com solves my issues on size without making me a bumbag user! :wink: The Continental gets a bit warm, maybe 45 celsius after a while, but hey I'm Norwegian! A little heat is appreciated. The Intruder is no doubt much smalller, sleeker and of high quality build. I'm off to bed, tomorrow it will have 50 hours on it, and I'm looking forward to see how it evolves.  [​IMG]

    EDIT: 50 hours of burn in later I'm starting to fall in love already. The vail is wearing off, sweetness is intruding!
  14. jamato8 Contributor

    Give it a 100 plus hours, you will be smiling.
  15. ianmedium
    And if the intruder is anything like my blackbird wait until you have over 500 hours on it. Honestly, the darkness people go on about is replaced by wonderful smooth, rich clarity. I have had several people who have heard one only with a hundred hours or so on them and comment about the dark nature and then they listen to mine and can't understand the change that takes place over a longer period of time.
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