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The internet

  1. Whitigir
    Guys, this thread is to post about what you are feeling about the internet overall.

    To my opinion, the internet is like an “asylum”

    You have the working staff, the people that well behave, and then the nutjobs, and the crazy. There are good things to learn, there are bad things to learn, and there are horrible things. The same as different kind of folks.

    Most overall is the kind of folk that we call “keyboard warriors”. They don’t even lift a finger doing anything at all. They just enjoy blasting and annoying other people posts, works, results, criticizes. Especially into technicality, they sit on their buttocks and judge, without having any experiences in doing the technical works at all.

    There, you have it :) post it up folks. The internet is a wonderful place to pass the time, just remember to keep your sanity
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  2. nordkapp
    I agree with your entire assessment. The internet is a hazardous environment. Tread lightly......
  3. wuwhere Contributor
    A cesspool of viruses, malwares, trojans, junk emails, false news, ... Lots of wonderful stuff as well like Head-Fi, ...
  4. Double-A
    It is funny that I found this thread after literally just finishing rewatching Black Mirror S3:E6 “Hated in the Nation” on Netflix, which teaches a very important lesson about the toxic hatred that people spew on the internet. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. I think everyone should see it. It may be the best episode of Black Mirror. You don’t have to worry about watching the show from the beginning. Black Mirror is an anthology series sort of like The Twilight Zone of modern television with a different plot and set of characters in each episode. So you don’t have to “watch it from the beginning”.

    Anyway, sorry about going a little off topic there. I think the internet is mostly a tool for good. It contains all of humanity’s collective knowledge, which is made free and open to all. Obviously, this is a wonderful thing. But with the good comes the bad, the ugly minority among us who revel in their anonymity and use the internet to propagate their toxic words.
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  5. nordkapp
    Well said....
  6. HiGHFLYiN9
    Seeing the comments sections on some of new and video sites really makes you start to question humanity :wink:
  7. Whitigir
    That is why Skynet did what it still does in the Terminator franchise LoL!

    We still going to create AI, it doesn’t matter LOL! We are just human
  8. Lulu800
    Not a fan to be honest, i hate how quick majority resort to hate/nastiness for no true reason beyond being a immature asshole. On a gaming site i had get report a user attacking me over my honest thoughts on furries/mlp fans?, Or that time at /r/Headphones a user insulted(Called them outdated) the fact i owned a pair of SE425's. Right after i made a comment in his thread about Single driver vs multi-BA, how a really well made single DD like IE800 can be better than a SE846.

    Same thing when i was put on ignore by a user on another site. When i called him out on how he told a user to leave because of being a non-fur. Because said user i defended told him to knock of calling non fans boring normies.
  9. trellus
    The security of being at a distance, and behind a screen -- and perhaps most importantly, disconnected from the immediate consequences that might follow from being directly in the presence of the people in the conversation -- invites the kind of drive-by commentary that unfortunately decorates the internet. :smirk:
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  10. Whitigir
    Well, just take Human civilization in general from history to the present. Human always conducts 90% of crimes/hates (wars, mass casualties, tyranny...etc...), and only 10% or less of goods and contributions. The internet is totally Human wells of knowledge and being. Don’t be surprised, one just have to have good self controls
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  11. trellus
    Maybe that 90 / 10 split is just a natural consequence of the reality that it requires more awareness to do "good" and to contribute beneficially to others, than to re-act from emotion or to simply have a very narrow sense of self which drives the human animal to seek very immediate gratification for self at the expense of others -- even "beating" someone verbally in an internet argument constitutes a cheap high, in a sense.
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  12. Spareribs
    The internet has made traveling easier but at the same time, the internet is not a substitute for travel experiences.

    Real actual “analog” experience is still better
  13. serman005
    I think @trellus hit it. To me, it is the combination of totally anonymous posting availability coupled with the (often) complete absence of any kind of accountability for those posts that is the primary driving force for much of this stuff. People behave badly because they believe they can and will get away with it. And they do. The internet may well be a force for good, but it absolutely comes with a very steep price tag.
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  14. spacellardoor5
    Best sociological invention since arranged marriages.

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