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The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

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  1. mefxes
    Yes, that's what I meant to say, we have options!
    I never tried the MKII or the bass version of GR07, anyway. =p
  2. MarkRT
    Thinksound ts02 (Silver/Cherry) 
    Amazon has it as a black friday lightening deal, starting at 6:30pm PST today.
    Currently listed at $81.57, so will be interesting to see what kind of discount there will be.  Amazon Prime applies, so free shipping too.
  3. randomZash
    Well, black friday's been pretty lame for me. 
    Too bad I missed the MEE cc51p on newegg. Would've been good cheap phones. 
    I wanted the black ones and I just found some on ebay, of course it's more than the newegg sale but are they still worth it? Has anyone tried them?
  4. Silver
    Amazon Black Friday Etymotics HF5 for $99USD... not sure particularly good deal vs IEMs like Brainwavz B2
  5. tdweis
    OK, so I went to the lendmeurears website & thought I created a new account to purchase the GR07 mkII at the sale price but the site will not let me sign in!  I just "set up" accounts with 2 different e-mail addresses & I can't get in to make a purchase.  Is anyone having the same problem?
  6. waynes world
  7. Barry S
    Klipsch Image X10i Lou Reed Edition IEMs for $189 at Sound Earphones. Coupon code: LouReed189


    Lou Reed hates you which is why he made them purple.:cool:
  8. kaixax555
    Well I was wanting to get the GR07 MKII but I bought the BA200 instead
    both are on promo anyway
  9. djvkool
    I'm hoping for Amazon's Cyber Monday deal...UE900 for $195
  10. lowirve

    Amazon itself is not selling ue900. So I hardly think it is possible.
  11. max pl
    not if theyve been holding their stock for black friday/cyber monday.
  12. LordSnail123
    It's been hovering around that price for a while now:
  13. tlgthe4th
    V-Moda M80 True Blood version, 9:30 A.M. PST on Amazon Lightning deal.

    I love my set, hopefully they give a decent discount.

    Actually, these are the V-80 model.
  14. jjmai
    There are some Etymotic promotions going on.  But their website is pretty crappy design, hard to tell what the actual prices are.
    I think if you buy the MusicPro earplugs (at $400), you get HF3 for free.
    Another promotion has the cobalt HF2 for $99, 1/3 down the page here: http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/hf2-buynow.html
    As far as I know, both HF2 (for Android) and HF3 (for Apple) share the same balanced armature as HF5.  Etymotic just likes to number them weird.
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