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The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

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  1. kckc


    Good deal. 
  2. LulzSec
    Yeah actually i have, the Monster Turbines on the outlet store isn't bad at all, legit, BUT if you want to feel better, take a look at cowboom.com


    0$ more than monster outlet, but i guess its your call.

    I bought it from cowboom for 50$ as a deal of the day, great deal.
  3. Staal
    And they're definitely legit at that price?
  4. dziendobry
    I just got a pair of the lil jamz for $35 at cowboom.

  5. murano
    TDK BA100
    Newegg $60 + Free shipping
    $65 off w/ promo code, ends 1/19

  6. djvkool


    Definetely recommended...fantastic IEM and so comfortable, I can sleep with it no problem whatsoever...
  7. i2ehan

    Altec Lansing Muzx Ultra SnugFit In-Ear Stereo Headphones With 29 Ohms Impedance & Inline Mic! >>> 19.98 shipped

  8. Totally Dubbed


    that's a good price, although I would pick one up, even though they might be used from head-fi, seeing as amp3 aren't a authorised dealer
    I would also be very very wary about buying B-grade products from them.
    They sold me a fake set of MTPC's...yes you read it right a FAKE SET - I doubt i'll buy from them again.
  9. Angelopsaro


    I trust your opinion and i guess you compared it A-B with a genuine one, but how did they reacted when you told them? did you returned it?
  10. Totally Dubbed


    I have a full thread about it here:
    Refunded, postage took time to get refunded, but they also banned my account - after i explained, they unbanned it.
    Although, I did return the B-grade se530's to them too - their policy says returns are acceptable, even if opened, and more so i have email proof from their sales team saying its ok to return items.
    So then to go and ban me for:
    -Selling a fake
    -Going against their own word, as on the website i said something around the lines of: "although its b-grade all accessories will be provided" which was a lie.
    You didn't even have to A/B them to know they were fake, just holding them you knew.
    Although yes I did A/B them anyway, they were good, actually brilliant fakes, hard to sometimes hear the difference, but after a while, I could hear huge differences and rolled off mids/highs, bloated bass etc
  11. kjk1281
  12. Dubs
    Does anyone know what series of Comply tips might fit these OCX-880s?  I don't believe the OCX-880s are officially supported by any of Comply's standard tips, but I'd love to find what "almost" works. 
    I read somewhere where a guy had managed to squeeze some T-100s on, but I'm wondering if the T-200s would be a closer fit or if they'd be way too big.  Does anyone know?
  13. aleki
  14. jjmai


    wow, some nice deals.  All at amazon, and listed here:
    (need login to see)
    Brainwavz Alpha Earphones $9.00
    Brainwavz Beta Earphones $13.00
    Brainwavz Beta Earphones with headset for iPhone/iPad/iPod & Smartphones $13.00
    Brainwavz ProAlpha Earphones $29.50
    Brainwavz M3 Earphones $69.50
    Brainwavz M4 Earphones $39.50
    Brainwavz M4 Earphones with headset for iPhone/iPad/iPod & Smartphones $39.50
    Brainwavz HM3 Headphones $39.50
    Brainwavz M4 with FiiO E11 portable amp $79.50
  15. razzer001 Contributor
    FYI this link you won't need to log in: http://www.mp4nation.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=24045
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