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The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

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  1. donedj

    Rosewill RHTS-11002 3.5mm Gold-Plated Connector Canal High Fidelity Passive Noise Isolating Rosewood Earbuds

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    $12 off w/ promo code EMCJHHC82, ends 1/2/12

    In stock. Limit 5 per customer.

    Was: $29.99
    Now: $24.99
    Save: $5.00

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  2. Rickstahful
    Posting this here because I can't find a headphone deal thread, but soundprofessionals.com has the Audio Technica AD700 for $79 refurbished (full warranty) and brand new for $109. I decided to jump for the refurbished ones.
    The ATH-M50s are also going for $119 IIRC after coupon, ok deal if you're looking for them.
  3. dziendobry
    Got them today, straight out of the box, they aren't too bad, at least not for the price of admission.  Balanced, almost bass light, good detail/clarity, off to the burn box they go!

  4. ulogin
    How do they compare to your other phones like 8320 and Brainwavz Beta?

  5. dziendobry
    I will have to add that to my to do list, I have my other sets at home.  These will come home with me on Friday, so maybe on the weekend I can do some comparisons.

  6. matthew23
    No sure if I am in the right forum - but incase is having a 40% off sale thru 1/5 (I think).  I ordered so incase Sonics (normally $150 and got them for $90 with free shipping0.  I haven't received them yet but got my confirmation and can't wait to try them out (they just look comfortable).  They do have some earbuds (Capsules, I think) and some on-ear (Reflex).  After the 40% off, they are pretty good deals too.
  7. dziendobry
    Senn CX870 for $39.00 at CowBoom  from what I understand the CX880 without the volume slider.
  8. mchang
    Stopped in my local Best Buy (in Austin) on Sunday to pick up a pair of Etymotic HF3. Was expecting to pay full retail price of $179. Was shocked when the blue pair scanned at $78. Agreed to extended warranty (+$15) mostly to get out of the store before the checker came to his senses. But the receipt showed a legitimate clearance price of $78.
    One of the HF3 threads noted a Best Buy Black Friday sale price of $85 or roundabouts. Amazon lists them at $142. I'm thrilled, especially after listening to them.
    Was such a good deal that I went back at lunch today and bought a backup pair. May end up returning them before 30 days, but I wanted to snatch up another just in case.
    Off next week to get the custom ear molds made. Woot!
    dziendobry likes this.
  9. aleki
    You can find out which store has clearence and open box items by selecting them in the store locator. I've been curious what they were fetching, as all the stores around me say to inquire in store
  10. lazuline
    $78? Wow, that was a steal. Gotta go check my local Best Buy now...

  11. kidcharlemagne
    Some portables on sale at Amazon:
    Creative Aurvana Live! - $54.99 (Free Super Saver or Prime 2-day shipping) <-Out of stock until Jan. 9th, but theyre still taking orders dead
    Numark PHX USB - $31.20 (Free Super Saver or Prime 2-day shipping) <- These're the same as the PHX Pro, which Joker reviewed and scored the same as the Koss DJ100 in SQ.
  12. wormsdriver

    looks like mine should have them, I might just have to pick one up!!!....thanks for the heads up!
  13. donedj
    Groupon has the M6 for $15 shipped

    In-Ear Headphones – Online Deal

    $15 for MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones in Clear or Black from Groupon Goods Inc. ($49.99 Value). Shipping Included.

  14. holyindian


    New code. ComplyFTW20
    3.50 $ off.
  15. steben
    Saw Etymotic HF3's for 80 bucks at London Drugs today 
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