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The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

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  1. davidcotton
    Amazon.co.uk have the triplefi10 pro in stock for £109.00.  That's pretty much the cheapest in the uk atm. 
    Merry Christmas
  2. patanin1st
    Exactly as kckc said, I actually had a friend or two offered to help me order, but my bank balances are currently problematic for more than 1 pair right now.
    Btw, must report in:
    Waited on Futureshop.ca page since 6.30pm, watching the count down.
    Refreshed the Coppers Info Page on Futureshop right at 8.00pm, the "add to cart" button activated right away. I proceeded to checkout queue by about 8.02pm.
    The % bar creeped up the first few parts, jumping bit by bit. 3%, 7%, so on. Sped up  right around half (51%, 62%, 74%, etc.)
    managed to reach the final checkout pages by 8.27pm, got my single order pair in, had a confirmation page with number, but they never sent me an email to confirm, so not sure how it'll go for the moment.
    Found out a few minutes later that my roommate was actually in the futureshop queue as well starting about the same time as me (some other product though), and his page got stuck at 28% starting 8.35pm until after 9.30pm, at which point he gave up, closed the window, and used my laptop for the checkout instead. Smooth checkout thereafter though.
    We also checked the MTPC info page again on about 10.00pm and status was still in stock though.
    Used Google Chrome btw.



    EDIT: just checked my email, received email from Futureshop at 6.49am confirming order. Seems like they haven't reached the "4150 units" for sure by 8.30pm, and likely still wasn't sold out by 10.00pm.
  3. kckc


    I had a similar experience with the checkout. Although mine stopped at 11% and stayed the same from around 8:20pm EST until I decided to refresh an hour laster at 9. Then I was easily able to proceed with checkout. The email came a couple hours later although the link it gave (order status on FutureShop's website) isn't supposed to work until the morning. 
    Also used Chrome. 
  4. patanin1st
    Futureshop's checkout queue was pretty messed up. Luckily mine worked out fine. My friend was cursing the whole hour (we had to walk over to another friend's house in between his stuck-checkout and the actual-working-checkout).

  5. nipit
    Who managed to order a couple of pairs and wouldn't mind helping out European headfier please PM me :)
  6. ZaregotoTsukai
    I managed to get my turbine fairly quick. I placed an order on 8:05, and it seemed like the queue would take forever to complete. Then, I noticed the 'proceed to next step' icon was somehow clickable. When I did, it guided me through the checkout page very smoothly. Later I found out it was a bug FS had, allowing people without full 100% in queue to proceed before them. Looks like I got lucky. Got 2 more the same way.
  7. Mephistopheles
    Any chance they'll restock?
  8. Imur
    Hi guys,
    For the people who didn't manage to get the Monster Turbine Coppers, at exactly 1:30pm there was ONE on stock.
    I've been refreshing every 1-2 minutes since 1:10, and I thought maybe at exactly 1:30pm there might be something. So I refreshed like 4-5 times on 1:30 and I was able to grab it.
    So keep checking, I suggest check at like X:30 and X:00, maybe you'll get lucky.
    Good luck!
  9. Mephistopheles
    Even I saw one unit available a few minutes back, I clicked on 'Add to cart' proceeded to checkout but then it gave me an error saying 'Not available for shipment'
    EDIT: Another one a minute ago, same problem. What!
  10. BassInMyFace
    Does anyone know of any crazy deals on the IE8?  I am suspecting that some should be around due to the IE80 being released.
  11. blupblup
    WOW $99 for MTPC??
    I wish we had deals in the UK like this, unbelievable man.
    ETA: Anyone know of any fantastic UK deals for IEM's at the moment?
  12. imackler
    M9 for $9.99 from Amazon. Free Shipping w/ prime accounts.
    Newegg has them too in its after Christmas sale (w/ free shipping): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826735011
  13. lee730


    They were on sale at amazon for $289.00 recently. Try and contact razordogg and make a deal with him. You may be able to haggle him down to $270.00 or a tad less. I'm sure hes trying to get rid of his inventory.
  14. BassInMyFace

    Will do - thanks!
  15. olear
    Any deals on UM3X?
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